Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weigh In Week #4

Hey, guess what? I tracked virtually all week! Woohoo! I did really good with my eating mostly too. I tracked the not-so-great choices as much as I tracked the great-job choices! It makes me smile that I was able to do that AND work AND take care of the baby. Seems like nothing is impossible for this mom!

How did I do?

I ate a LOT of fiber. I got high-fiber foods this week (beans, anyone?) I have also been eating a lot of protein and surprisingly, a lot of fruits and veggies (for me anyway). I also drank a lot of beer. Way more than I usually do. I am not normally much of a drinker, but I missed the option of being able to have a drink. Now I can have one or two and just wait 2 hours before pumping. Hurray for metabolism!

Anyway, without further procrastination, I maintained this week. Not a loss or a gain.

Just because you track everything doesn't mean you will lose- especially when you eat all of your daily, weekly, and THEN some points.

Today starts week #5, hopefully I can continue things in a more positive direction. Also- no beer this week. Or for a while. I think I got it all out of my system, both figuratively and literally.

I need to just trudge along and do the best that I can. Maybe WW isn't right for me right now. It's really hard to take care of the baby and myself... but I know that if I don't keep myself accountable then I will continue to gain weight and be more unhealthy. It's a catch-22. Hope that I will find more balance as I continue to practice being a mom and a weight watcher. I'd like for Drake to never know me as fat. Somehow I have to "man-up" and find time to eat well, take care of my son, work, pump, and exercise- as well as sleep, shower, and do household chores. Sigh. It will be a challenge.

But that is my path. And I will walk it.

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  1. On the beer thing - since it's really the experience and the taste you're after - how about nursing 1/2 a beer? that's what i do! :)


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