Sunday, March 18, 2012

How's It Goin'?

This week....

-Wednesday we took Max and Drake on a car ride around town for a few hours. Both loved it. We also went to the grocery store. Drake loved seeing everything, and cried when we left. :(

-Thursday we went to Valpo to have Drake meet his great-grandparents. We went out to lunch at Strongbows, which was delicious as usual. Drake was really well behaved. He had a minor meltdown on the way home, but other than that, it was a great visit.

-I got a job offer for a new work at home customer support position. The pay is fantastic, twice as much as I am currently making and that's just part time. I hope I can end up going full time. I am so excited!!

-My pills work! I am very happy.

-Drake giggled for the first time! I almost cried, I was so happy.

-Drake was incredibly cranky on Friday - he cried for 4 hours straight. Even mommy's happy pills couldn't keep me from losing my mind. Thankfully my grandma came over and she put him to sleep. Miracle worker, that woman :)

-Saturday, Drake was unusually compliant. I think he felt bad for the day before. We had a great day. No more giggling though :(

-I've spent the last 3 days converting my computer and all my system stuff to make sure its compliant with the new job. It's been a mind-numbingly frustrating task, but it will be worth it.


  1. Glad your pills are working & Drake is giggling-I love the picture you posted the other day, such a cutie. And thank goodness for Grandma-such a great support system you have!

    Congrats on the new job. I have thought about looking for something at home-but everything seems to be a scam, it's so hard to find things that are legitimate.

  2. Glad you're doing better! I need to get back into blogging as well!


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