Friday, April 20, 2012

6 Days, but who's counting?

I went through my WW tracker to see how many days I've racked up tracking and I am up to 9 days tracking but only 6 of those (since Sunday) are 100% honest. Still, some tracking is better than no tracking.

Since Sunday, I'm down 5 lbs. I know, crazy!

Anyway, this tracking thing seems to really be working. I'm 6 days in out of 90 and it is feeling doable. Very doable. I'm still very hungry and go to bed hungry every night. I am doing better at staying within my points range daily, but sometimes I go over a point or two.

I edited my weight loss goal on WW instead of it being 222 (pre-preggers weight) I did 230. Last week I weighed in at 241. I will do 5 lb goals from there on out, to keep me motivated one week to the next. Right now my goals are 1) Track every bite honestly 2) measure my food 3) drink 6 glasses of water a day.

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