Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, I started Project Big Red X and so far, so good. I have tracked every single morsel I put in my mouth, completely honestly....

And it's a shock.

So far, it's day 3. And I am already -23 points for the week. Let me repeat that: NEGATIVE 23 POINTS FOR THE WEEK.

That means I have eaten ALL of my extra weekly points, PLUS 23 more in TWO DAYS.

To be honest, today, I am starving. I am so so so hungry. But I am determined to stay within my range for the day. Which means, I will be going to bed hungry. I will be drinking water and I will be brushing my teeth a lot. Bright side: well hydrated body, and nice sparkling teeth.

I'm really trying.

It's 6:20 pm here and Drake is already in his crib taking a nap. He may be down for the night, I don't know. He didn't take much of a nap earlier, and he is fussing a little, so he might wake back up. Whatever. I'm so laid back about this whole raising a kid thing. He's a very easy baby and the only time I really get stressed out any more is when he ends up mauling his own face with his nails and screams in the car non stop....

Or just when he mauls his own face.

We end up clipping his nails every day, but he still manages to scratch his face all up. I'm seriously contemplating duct tape at this moment... suggestions??

I guess Brian's stalker ended up getting Zumba sessions at the dance studio I started going to... hmm, funny. I mean, my friend Carissa did end up inviting her to go one time, but stalker said that it wasn't her thing and now she's at my studio. Supposedly she is only going on Friday's and Saturday's but we will see.

I'm still going to go on Thursdays because a) I want out of the house that badly 2) it's the only thing I like to do in the realm of exercise and I like it. If she ends up there I am not going to let it ruin my fun. But I'll make sure to play nice.

Hmm, I think the baby is deciding it's too early to go to bed... he is fussing a bit. We'll see if he wakes up. I go in and check on him and he's back asleep so who knows really. It's like Russian Roulette, but the only thing that dies is my nap time.


  1. Way to go with your logging! It's HARD to change habits!

  2. Good job tracking your points.

    Maybe try putting socks on his hands. It might piss him off, but at least he can't scratch.

  3. Good luck - that's a great idea about the X tracking. I stopped tracking because my husband is buying me a personal trainer so I think she is going to give me a plan to follow (that coincides with weight watchers). Somehow I am still losing weight though - must be the pumping? Either way I'm not complaining!

    Ethan scratches himself all the time. I finally got the guts to cut his nails but it still doesn't really help. I thought of mits but I think he would just pull them off since he puts everything in him mouth now and is learning to bite and pull...so yah, not even worth the effort!

    Enjoy your Zumba classes..... minus the stalker! What the heck!

    Happy Tracking ;)


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