Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big Red X- Weigh In #2

Tracking honestly is hard work. Especially when you know that you shouldn't be going over your points or that you really shouldn't be eating pizza... you know how it is. I just sort of feel like if I don't track it, it didn't happen. Of course that is the exact opposite of the truth. It did happen. Let's not be delusional. That being said, it's not been the greatest week food wise. I ate a LOT of extra points that I just did not have.

But still, I tracked. Because that is the whole point. I didn't feel like I had gone hog wild or that it was a free for all, but ate normally... Pretty sad when eating normally means I was super overeating my allowance. But that is the whole point of tracking, to identify behaviors and see what is going on and to be aware of just how much is much too much.

It is really easy to over eat. A slice or two extra of pizza. A bit of Chinese food. A peanut butter shake. You know these things add up and really quickly. But the important thing is acknowledging honestly that you ate them and being aware of how many points it does cost. It's a hard thing to face when you realize that regular shake just cost you 29 of your 37 daily points.

Anyway, all that said, I managed to lose another pound this week. I am down to 235 for a total of 6 lost in two weeks. Pretty good I say!

This week is all about portion control and trying to stay within reasonable limits. Not eating an extra 141 points.  But hey- Sunday is a new week for me.

A new week to start over. A new week to try and rein in some of these crazy eating. Although to be honest- this was a normal week for me :( But each day I become more aware and that is what is the important thing.

Also, I am 14/14 days of tracking 100% honestly, accurately, and successfully. Only 76 more days to go! I am proud of that.

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  1. Pizza is incredibly hard to resist... Especially while pregnant. And I had a difficult time with it before, so I can't blame you there.

    But, hey, you're losing weight? Just gotta work on losing it with healthy food, I guess. I'm not looking forward to birthing the baby and getting back on the weight-loss train. It can be so stressful. =/


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