Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whacked Out

I keep having some whacked out dreams. I know that it is because of my anti-depressant, but they are seriously getting too intense for me lately. I can't sleep at all.

I usually have really erotic dreams. It feels weird typing that because I know everyone has sex dreams and they are normal and all. Usually I am not bothered by them. But lately they have been super erotic. To the point where it is almost shameful to even admit that I had them.

I'm not going to share what I dream about because 1) it's really private and 2) no one wants to hear about it.

Let's just say that they are becoming more and more crazy as days go on.

I also keep dreaming that I can talk to spirits, to dead people. And people will call me on my phone and ask me to be a medium for their departed loved ones. I know that some people will think that that is nonsense or that I have been watching too many Long Island Mediums, but I haven't seen that show in over a month at least, and I am pretty sure that it's just the Paxil.

It makes me pretty crazy when I sleep.

Last night, Brian had a birthday party get together thing. Several friends showed up and we had a few beverages. I have zilch tolerance now for anything. I had two Smirnoff malt beverages and ended up with major heart burn all night and ended up in complete misery. I had to take 300mg of antacid pills and chug some 2% milk (the more milk fat, the better it is at soothing spicy mouth/sour stomach) and then I took some NyQuil on top of that because I kept coughing and almost retching from this lingering cough.

So I was pretty much doped up but I got a few pain free, coughing fit free, hours of sleep.

We started shopping at Aldi's for groceries and I am pretty happy with it. We spend about half of what we used to at Meier and Wal-Mart, especially since there isn't a clothing or electronics department there. The food is really good too, which was a main concern of mine. Not only is it tasty, but a lot of what we get is all natural so it is helping us keep in line with our cleaner eating. I'm really enjoying our attempt at being more frugal.

I am pretty much out of things to say, not a whole lot going on right now. Drake spent the weekend with my parents and I'm told he is being a very good baby. Which is great, means they will want to have him again soon haha :) He's attempting to crawl, but not quite getting it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun and not dying in this crazy heat.


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  1. 1. Maybe you should tell the Dr. about your dreams and he can adjust your meds.

    2. Alka-Seltzer is seriously the BEST heart burn cure ever. And it's like $3 a box.

    3. Love Aldi too. I have had a couple HMMMM moments from there, but mostly all good. I even made Thanksgiving dinner from there since my lovely in-laws didn't offer to bring a thing when I hosted. (I know, Keepers!!!)


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