Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stash-Buster and Thigh-Buster

So I lost a lb this week! Hurray, considering it's shark week and I had previously gained back all my weight. Let's see. We bought bikes and a baby carrier. I was looking up Indiana bike riding laws and shockingly unsurprisingly, Indiana is bass-ackwards when it comes to laws. One of only 13 states that don't require a helmet, have no child/baby carrier laws or regulations, but they require you to have a bell on your bike.


okay, whatever. I'll get some friggin' bells. Also helmets. For all of us. I'm all about protecting my son.

We were going to go for a ride sometime this week, but it's been ungodly hot and tomorrow isn't going to be any better. When you have a child (or Mama) with fragile, porcelain pale skin, you have to think about things like UV index. Also heat index. Dehydration. Etc.

That in mind, I've been working out at home because it's easy to do. I did 30 Day Shred again and almost died- I was so sore I cried every time I had to sit on the toilet. I also just finished a 6.75 ride on my stationary bike while my son slept. I managed a full 30 minutes. My thighs are a-burning, but that is good. Tomorrow I am going to Zumba (so far, anyway- it's going to be 100+ degrees out and I might pussy out be too sore)

I have also been doing some Tae Bo and some 10 Minute Solutions as well. I'm trying to mix in cardio and strength training and I think it is working. While I am only down a lb this week, my fat pants are falling off of me. My skinny pants still don't fit yet, but they will if I keep working on toning up.

The thing I am most displeased with right now are my arms. I am not happy with how large or bat-wing they are. So I am doing all the lifting I can- some times I use Drake as weights because he is so heavy now, I toss him in the air and catch him and it's a real work out.

I have a wedding to go to in August and while I know I won't have my arms "perfect" by them, I can certainly tone them up if I work them out a lot.

I mentioned in my last post that we started shopping at Aldi's. You have to pay for your grocery bags there if you don't bring your own. Not like it's a big deal- paper sacks are $0.06 each and they hold a lot of groceries. You can also do the reusable bags, but I decided to make a crochet market bag and am using up all of my yarn to make one. It will be striped and probably ugly (red, yellow, white, black?) when it's done, but Brian said that I wasn't allowed to purchase more yarn until I used what I already had.

He's going to regret those words when I make him baby blue knee high socks and make him wear them to work. Just saying. :)


  1. AWESOME! Great to hear you're fitting in cardio! I agree- the inches matter. The scale still matters, just less. ;)

  2. Aldi is a lifesaver here! So cheap, and they actually do have a lot of quality stuff. =)

    And yay for the fat jeans falling off!! I can't wait for that, at this point I just seem to be an ever-expanding mass waiting to burst forth baby. lol. You go girl!


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