Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hold Them Close

I've been bawling my eyes out over the last two days. I haven't slept. I haven't eaten much. A friend sent me a message on Facebook along with a link. The link was an obituary for her 11 month old son. He had died on June 25th, (Brian's birthday) and it's broken my heart.

I had never met her son, but I had known her for a few years and being a mother myself, I can barely scratch the surface of what she must be going through.

She is now forever in my prayers.

I don't really want to disclose the rest of the information because it is a private matter I feel that she should determine who knows and who doesn't, but I can say I have not stopped crying much at all.

Yes, I am overly sensitive. I know that because I am on anti-depressants for it. I know that I should not be crying as much as I am, or as hard as I am.

All that seems to help is to hold my family close and pray that I never have to truly experience her grief.

Brian is making a memorial art story for her and I have a special project in mind as well. I am hoping that we can give her some beautiful works of art to love and appreciate, to honor the memory of her angel, now and forever.

You are in my thoughts, L. My heart grieves with yours.

Hug and kiss your loved ones every day. Hold them close.

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  1. When a friend of mine's son died, I took it really hard too. Even though I'm not a mom.

    Hugs, hang in there, and remember to celebrate life a little every day.


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