Monday, August 13, 2012

Fever Pitch

Things got crazy for us today. Drake's got another tooth coming through- somewhere. Not quite sure which one it is exactly but he's got rosy red cheeks, drooling WAY more than usual, spitting up suddenly and today he had his first low-grade fever to accompany it. I'm going to guess it will be his other front tooth. I know it's another tooth coming because all the others have broken through the gum line, so they don't cause him any more trouble.

I didn't have anything to give him to break his fever. Sadly, I don't have a car and my husband was at work, and I was NOT about to take a screaming infant on the city bus just so I could get some children's Tylenol or whatever. So I just froze a bunch of his teething rings and sat the fever out. Like I said, it was low-grade, so I wasn't worried about it. But tonight, Brian is going to pick up some on his way home from work.

He also didn't want to take any naps, but he was VERY cranky. So pretty much today was spent on trying to get him to take a nap. I spent two hours going into his room every couple of minutes to tell him that I was still here, I still loved him, and that everything was okay, he just needed a nap. He would stand up in his crib and then throw himself down on the mattress and sob his little heart out. Temper tantrum. BUT I DONT WANT TO he was screaming at me in his little baby wails.

And I was all like--- yeeeeah, but you're gonna.

Because I am a good mom. /sarcasm

Also if he wasn't in his crib he just would have done the exact same thing in the living room with me and then I wouldn't be able to hear Doctor Who so you know, better off this way. Now that he has decided that I am a mean horrible mommy, he has cried himself into blissful sleep (an exhausted baby sleeps longer and deeper!) and I can break out the wine.

Cheers, mate.


  1. For his teething discomfort, get him an amber necklace. I shit you not, I hear great things. I'll be investing in one for my own little one as soon as the cash flows in. And, you know, she decides to get her ass here. =)

    Poor doll. Hopefully he feels better soon.

  2. Sometimes they just gotta cry it out - and mom needs her sanity!

  3. Suddenly I'm glad I don't have babies. Baby fever is down! (; (Truthfully, I can't wait to have one.)

    Poor guy. I hope that tooth comes in soon. I give kids a lot of credit; I'd be a bawling mess, too.


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