Thursday, August 23, 2012


So my husband is a major gimp today and that totally sucks. About once a month or so, maybe every 6 weeks, he ends up getting so stiff in the neck and shoulders that he is basically useless.

It is really painful and I feel for him....... so I called around to some spas today and booked him a last minute deep tissue massage. He always complains that it hurts when I massage his shoulders and I don't like doing it anyway, so I figured might as well pay someone who knows that they are doing.

I had a choice between a woman giving him a massage and a man..... I almost picked the man for the hilarity of it, but decided to be nice.

I'm pretty sure that his neck and shoulders get knotted up from his terrible posture and his unsupported pillow, and the fact he always sleeps like his limbs are made of spaghetti. He does some weird yoga in his sleep. Here's to hoping he gets all loosened up and that I don't have to hear him complain worry anymore.

Massages? You've done them? Thoughts?

Also, here is a cute pic of my kid because I can.


  1. Had 2 professional massages. The Hot stone one was pretty awesome. Sadly, they make me a bit more tense as I focus on relaxing. I know that sounds weird, but I'm not a touchy-feely person by nature. It's something I'm learning. So strangers touch me when I'm naked sorta makes concentrating on relaxing difficult. I don't think I can handle Deep Tissue massages. I think if someone were hurting me, I'd fight back and not be able to relax at all.

    On the other hand, hubby LOVES deep tissue massages! I can't get ENOUGH pressure for him, so I'd happily pay for that! I always feel like I'm going to hurt him or me!

    Then again, a new pillow might be a good investment too. Long term solution (as well as the posture thing) there that might be cheaper than a few massages.

    My Sailor does some crazy stuff in his sleep. Talking is just the tip of the ice berg. He's raised his arm straight up (kid you not) and rubbed it and then lowered it again about 4-5 times in one night! (He needs new pillows too!)

  2. I've had a Swedish massage, and if I could afford it, I'd get one every week. I tend to carry all of my stress in my shoulders. I always know it's time for a new pillow when my neck and shoulders are sore for more than one day, but I know how hard it is to get man creatures to part with their pillows. Mike's is as flat as a pancake and he's not likely to part with it any time soon (though he did take my memory foam pillow after I bought myself a new one).

  3. I've had a couple and they were awesome! Does your area have groupon? There's always deals on there.

    Oh-your baby is so cute!! What a big boy he's becoming!

  4. Cute baby!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE massages! I had two while I was pregnant and they were the best things ever. I could use one now too. My hubby sleeps with his hand on his a sleepy facepalm. :)

  5. So, how's your husband after the massage? I'm pretty sure those stiff muscles in his neck are completely healed after the therapy. You don't have to worry anymore about his muscle pains, just make sure to tell him to go have this massage once a month, if possible. This will definitely improve his posture and muscle flexibility.


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