Friday, August 3, 2012


On weight

-Brian mentioned a few times that he is not happy with my weight, that he is worried about me and blah. This is comforting to know that he cares about my health, but lately I feel he has been nagging me about it. I know that he is just trying to help, but it's the way he is saying things that is making me feel like a pile of fail. Finally today I told him to just shut up about it. I know he wants to help, and I appreciate it, but to really just shut up and instead of "lecturing me" or "nagging me" or "talking me to death" about it, to just GET UP AND DO SHIT with me.

It all started with this picture, which I showed him as a joke, but apparently he took it seriously.

He picked great sex life (surprise) and works full time- but only because we need the money. Otherwise he would have picked fit, trim and well-groomed.

Nice. I think. Since then, it's been sort of a topic of conversation for him. At work. With all of his friends. And one of them said that I wasn't "fat like, disgustingly so, but you can tell she likes her food". Thanks, I think. I'm glad I'm not disgustingly fat. I think.

I kind of feel like I am getting to the point where I must not care about my weight, otherwise I would have done something by now. I don't know. I am just lazy I guess. I don't really have any excuse not to at least put in 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Time to change the subject, because it's making me upset.

On Exercise-

The card workout I posted a while back is a lot of fun, well like poking needles in your eyes is fun, but you know what I mean. It keeps it random. Unfortunately, Brian only wants to do it together and ONLY on his days off which means that it happens once, maybe twice a week.

I do the arm exercises 3x a week, which is pretty good for me, considering. It only takes 6 minutes but it is definitely working. I feel it during and after, and of course the measurements don't lie. I've taken an inch off my arms in a week. Wee!

I am riding my bike as well, at least 30 minutes a day. I wanted to do Zumba too but I can't get to classes. Maybe I can find it somewhere online??

I walk for an hour a day, sometimes we go to the outdoor mall to get some much needed vitamin D and sunshine and other times we go to the air conditioned indoor mall so we are not overcome with heat stroke, either way it's a nice way to waste an hour with the family.

On tracking-

Yeah so having not lost any weight on weight watchers, it seemed selfish and cruel of me to have my mom continue to pay for my subscription, so we just canceled it. it was nice of her to give it a shot, but I don't think it's for me. I re-activated my MyFitnessPal today and when Brian gets paid on Monday, I am buying a new food scale and going to accurately track everything.

On food-

Brian promised me that we would rid everything in the house of anything "boxed" like mac and cheese, frozen meals, etc, as I would rather eat that stuff than do make anything healthy to eat. I also decided that I am going to go through the whole Deceptively Delicious cookbook and make every single recipe in there. I'm making it all from scratch and eating strictly at home. We have been doing really good about eating at home anyway, but I really need to be in total control of my environment.

On parenting-

Drake has his third and fourth tooth coming in. Three on the bottom, and one on the top. The top one broke through today. Man, it's crazy how many teeth he has.

On social life-

Tomorrow is the wedding I mentioned that we were going to. Turns out I can fit into my bridesmaids dress from last year from my best friend's wedding, and it actually fits me better, so yay for being a non-preggy fatass, I guess! It's that purple satin one. I also have a huge flower headband and some new jewelry to wear as well. I have a cardigan I can wear over to disguise my batwing arms.

On crafts-

I finished my crochet market bag and now I am going to start on a prayer shawl for Brian's grandma. It's my first paid project, so that makes me excited. She is reimbursing me for the yarn and also paying me for the finished product as well, so I am eager to get it started so I can put that money in the bank. I have no idea what to charge for it, so I guess I'll ask around on the forums and see what others think.

the bag

Thanks for listereading.


  1. Sounds like you've got a good plan! I had a friend who's husband was trying to help her lose weight (she asked him to). So every time she was about to eat something that was less than healthy, he'd quietly asked her "Are you SURE you want to eat that?" It only served to be seriously annoying. Doing things together really helps (and I LOVE Zumba - HUGE fan! It's a blast!) Losing weight is an 80/20 equation. 80% Food related, 20% work out related. I love to hear that you're walking every day and it sounds like you're on the right track as far as food goes. I know you want to be around for as long as possible (and as comfortable as possible) to chase around after Drake for years to come. :)

    You'll get there. Just takes time. It's like saving money. Every smart decision makes you one step closer to your goal.

    Another thing to maybe look into (I'm working on lately) is mindful eating practices. Google it - there's lots of free info out there, and it doesn't really require anything of you except slowing down.

    Hang in there chika!

  2. I agree j darling they always push the working out on all the diets exercise shows but anytime I have lost weight or kept weight off it all came down to food, as denis leary says put the fork freaking sucks

  3. Hold on -- you're smaller than your pre-pregnancy weight and people are nagging you? I'm sure your husband means well, but everyone else needs to STFU.


  4. My dad used to "talk" with my mom about her weight. Bless his heart, he thought he was "helping"! The only thing it did was to make her more unhappy and self conscious.

    You don't need that kind of "help". You, better than anyone out there, knows what needs to be done. Keep trying and keep your head up. You will get to where you want to be. Keep up the good work. Each and every day you try is a success. :)

  5. Truly an amazing blog you got there. I am so inspired and grateful reading through your blog. I learned a lot from this one. Thank you!


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