Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crawling Standing Biting

Drake is crawling like a pro now. Hand, hand, knee, knee.

We baby proofed but that is a constant vigilance! He especially likes the dog's water bowl. Splash, splash, fingers in the water. Dump it on his head and cry.

He still doesn't like baths.

He has diaper rash and digs at it. We have triple action medicated cream and that seems to be helping. He digs at it and tries to suck his fingers so its a two person job every diaper change. Someone has to hold his hands or otherwise keep him preoccupied.

He is tired of crawling. He is very "meh" about it. He's a lot like me. Once he knows he can do something, he chooses not to perfect it, but to try something else.

So he pulls himself up standing now.

This scares the piss out of me because he isn't strong enough to support himself on his legs.

So he falls. And hits his head.

Spend a lot of time cuddling and kissing him and telling him its okay.

And then I spend the rest of the day holding him up so he can practice standing.

His other new trick is biting.


Feet especially. Fingers. Noses. AND LAUGHING

Oh the laughter. The evil, cute laughter that comes out of his precious little head when he bites my nose so hard I cry and bleed.

It's enough to make a mom go mad I say! So I tell him no and put him down and tell him it hurts and it makes me not want to play with him anymore. I am sure he doesn't understand the words yet, but he understands the actions. It's like training a dog really (sorry, other moms, but its true) and you have to teach him how to behave the way you want him to.

His third tooth broke through tonight. Thank god. Now I know where to put the Orajel instead of ALL OVER HIS FACE BECAUSE I DONT KNOW WHERE IT HURTS DRAKE and I can put it on his tooth. He went to bed at 8:30 tonight. The first time in a week. Normally we are lucky if we can get him to bed at midnight. Did I mention he WAILS from 6 pm to his bed time, because he is tired but doesn't want to sleep????? So imagine that for SIX HOURS A NIGHT

and you will now know why I have been so inactive.

I'm trying to stop time just for a bit so I can rest my eyes.



PS- I love how much he is growing and changing but if I don't vent a little I will explode. Ta!


  1. Ah the fun stages we go through! I can't believe how fast he is growing-seems like you just had a baby last week. If you need any ideas on the rash let me know. Snoopy got a couple that were so bad he bled. =( I have a pretty good system.

  2. Owww... biting your nose?! =( Not cool, little man.

    As for his teething, there are two things I will tell you that I've been told by other moms: use REAL vanilla extract (not imitation - you can also make your own with cheap vodka and vanilla beans, but that sounds like too much work) on his gums. Apparently this works, for whatever reason. And, get him an amber necklace. There's a site online that sells children's sizes - something in the amber warmed against the skin helps with the pain of teething.

    If you're interested in the website, let me know. =) There are so many moms who swear by it (for themselves, as well, even!) that I plan to buy one whenever the baby gets here.

  3. Fun stages of his growth. There's a teether that will help for the growth of his teeth. It would really help a lot.


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