Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am totally awkward at the best of times and completely klutzy and a hot mess at the worst of times. Yesterday was definitely the latter.

I joined a gym on Monday and yesterday was my first real chance to go in and check out the facility. Except... that didn't happen.

What did happen was a whole list of crazy crap that culminated in me just going back to bed.

-I locked a combination Master lock and have no idea what the combo is. There is no key hole, no serial number, and I didn't register it online with the company- There is no way to open it, other than guesswork.
Brian was not pleased
-I managed to call Brian while I was in the room with him, and my phone was not. It's a touch phone, so it shouldn't respond to anything other than touch, but somehow it did. He was not pleased.
-I managed to break open a piggy bank. Not in that fun "smash it with a hammer and squeal about all the shiny clinky coins" way either. I apparently hit the desk with my fat ass and it knocked it off and broke in half. Brian was not pleased
-I couldn't get the parking brake to release in the car. No manner of pushing, pulling, grunting, slamming, beating, crying, or pleading would get it to release. I had to call Brian (again, apparently) and get him to release it for me. Brian was not pleased

We decided that it would probably be in my best interest not to drive alone anywhere today, considering what a klutz I was. I might have driven into a store front or something, knowing my luck. So I came back upstairs and crawled into bed and felt sorry for myself.

But today is another day, right? I think I'll have Brian drive me, just in case.

I think I will call and set up a personal training appointment, so I am forced to go. Ha, what a good idea. Sometimes I am a genius.

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