Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Belong Here

I joined a gym, and went today for my first personal training session. Personal training is always free at Planet Fitness (one of the reasons I chose this facility) and the trainer is very friendly.

ready to go... 

The whole place is super nice.

The color scheme is purple and yellow. It's both comforting, yet high energy, cheerful. The ladies changing room seems like right out of a catalog, it's so pretty. There are cushioned changing seats, a huge mirror with lighted make up mirrors, hair dryers at each station. The lockers are nice and quiet (no loud banging or clanging/rusty hinges) and they are spacious. Fresh flowers adorn the room. It's more beautiful than my entire apartment.

Did I mention it is a judgement free zone? There are so many positive sayings around the whole gym! Even the doors say it! "You belong here!"

It really does feel judgement free. :D

I met with my personal trainer and she gave me a customized training plan. Compared to what I am doing now (ie nothing) it seems like I am training for a marathon! :S

I have 2 heavy cardio days where I have to do cardio for at least 30 minutes with half of that time being over 85% of my maximum heart rate (mhr) or 156 beats/minute and the other half in between 126-156 beats/minute. One day is heavy strength day, where I have to do 3 upper body machines and 3 lower body machines for 3 sets (of 10) each! To finish off that day, 15 minutes of cardio. In addition to that, I have to walk 10,000 steps a day! I barely do a thousand a day, so I think that one will be the hardest to get in.

She also requires I drink a gallon of water every day. That makes me feel a little overwhelmed! that is SO much water. But I will do it. Because I was told.

I got my membership tag and I put it on my key to my lock. That way, if I lose it at the gym, they will know whose it is! Isn't that clever? At least I think it is.

To top off my day, they gave me a club shirt, just for joining. Hurray!

Like a boss!

I'm going tonight after I get done with work. I also convinced one of my friends to join with me, so now I have someone to go with :)


  1. I wish they would put a Planet Fitness in Northwest Indiana. Can't wait to see how the training goes.

  2. Perfect for those who wants to get fit. Nice atmosphere too. And about the water part, A gallon of water? Wow, That's ridiculous! But, I will try it as well.

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