Monday, November 12, 2012

Inside My Head

Here's how my day went

-Go to store, get fixings for lasagna and ciabatta bread.
-Come home, start sauce for lasagna. Realize it is 1:30 in the afternoon and people will not arrive until 10:30
-Saute garlic and herbs in oil, add to tomato sauce and paste. Let simmer for 4 hours.
-Scrub kitchen from top to bottom and toss out anything I don't use/that went bad.
-Take a break and Pinterest for a while. Contemplate on starting my Granny Square a day challenge.
-Entertain baby while Brian leaves for work. Baby proceeds to bite my knees, nipples, and elbows. He then motorboats me.
-Cut baby's hair. Pray he doesn't lose an ear.
-Realize that my ciabatta bread recipe needed to rise ('proof') for 18 hours. I do not have 18 hours. I have 6. Turn the oven on warm- stick the bowl inside for 4 hours.
-Start on the meat mixture for lasagna. Realize that my skillet is too small for the amount of beef I have purchased. Curse. Cook meat in batches.
-Toy with the idea of making only a handful of spaghetti noodles so I can have a quick meal. Decide against it.
-Count how many people are coming, multiple times. Start panicking that I do not have enough lasagna.
-Panic about making bread in a rush when people are coming over. Worry about my 'reputation'.
-Hyperventilate, then text/Facebook/message all people, encouraging them to bring snacks/booze.
-Feel clever.
-Put baby to bed.
-Realize that none of my work out clothes are clean and I look terrible.
-Handwash all of my workout clothes and put them through the rinse/spin cycle and into the dryer.
-Realize I have hairy legs/armpits so shave haphazardly in the bathroom sink while I am blaring music.
-Decide my hair is too greasy to go workout and sweat (I know) so I wash it.
-All my clothes are in the dryer now and I still have to cook, so I am preparing the lasagna in my bra and underwear. It is 7 pm. No one will show up for another 3 and a half hours.
-Realize I am very hungry. Contemplate eating lasagna and not worrying about it. Decide against it.
-Eat a sandwich.
-Remember that I am worried about people not having enough to eat, so whip out the crockpot and toss in some chicken and rice along with stock and soup, putting it on high. Wonder if I am crazy.
-Text husband asking him if I am crazy
-He says yes
-I make extra food anyway.
-Collapse in a heap of exhaustion, in the middle of the floor, wearing only undergarments.
-Get cold, get dressed, resume the position.
-Realize I am nuts
-Write a blog post.

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  1. Great thing about extra soup - it's a healthy, freezable meal! :)


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