Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Plug plug plug

So does anyone need some artwork done? We are broke ass hoes this month and need some extra cash to pay for things like groceries and what not so if you want a commission- contact my husband Brian at befarrar85 @ gmail dot com

He does fantastic work. And you support us! Yay!

Or if you want me to make you something- like a spring or summer shawl for church or the beach, heck yeah I'll make you something too.

Drake has been very cranky lately- not really a surprise considering he is still teething, pushing those canines up. Woof. Hard work.

Everyone getting ready for Easter? Brian and I decided that we are going to go to church with his family on Easter Sunday, which is a nice gesture for us to do. Brian's been wanting to get back into church for the support and the friends and I told him I really didn't mind going to church. I think it will be good for Drake too, to play with other children his age and I don't have to feel like a terrible parent.

Then we are doing Easter Dinner with my family, after church. Yay. It will be a lot of fun.

So once again, buy some art or something crocheted from me and give us the money to buy a little suit for my son to go romp around in. You can check out Brian's website here and my etsy store here.

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