Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm down another pound, which is fantastic as it's shark week (hoo ha ha!) and that means that I am consuming everything in sight and nothing and no one is safe.

But that's great news.

Brian and one of my girl friends started talking and they decided that they are going to tag team me (not as fun as that sounds, actually.) My girl friend is going to force me to go to the gym with her and my husband is going to start being a real prick about my eating habits. Both of these things are needed, as I need the motivation to do better.

I also found my Shredding it with Weights dvd and started that today. Woohoo!

So measurements and stuff were taken.

I'll report back next Thurs on my findings.

Tomorrow is first hair cut for Drake and I'm going to see if I can rock a new do. :) I promise pics. PROMISE.

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