Monday, March 11, 2013

Rough Week

Oh man, I have had a crazy rough week. Aside from a really awesome Saturday night with our married friends, it's just been one hell of a trip.

Wednesday Drake got a fever. This caused some alarm because my mom, dad, and grandma all had some version of the flu with a nasty cough, fevers, and chills. We thought maybe Drake had caught it, but we were not sure. He wasn't really acting sick. I thought he might be teething? But I couldn't feel anything coming in. He also was being pretty much a pain and would not let me put him down, even for a second. He would just cry and cry and cry.... and refused to sleep. I think he was up close to 18 hours straight, only passing out for 10 minutes at a time.

Thursday, he was better, but still had a fever. Again, we were thinking teething because he didn't have any other symptoms. He got a little sleep, but it was restless.

Friday I was seriously considering him to be really ill, either with a flu or an ear infection because the fever came on strong and didn't let up. He didn't eat much but was still downing lots of fluid, so we spent all day in the rocking chair.

He was magically better Saturday, and I was convinced it was teething, so we went out of town with him and we were doing alright except he was fussy, a bit warm, and we weren't at home so he was out of his element. He eventually passed out on the world's softest blanket in our friends' very cold bedroom, and we were all thankful for that.

Sunday, the fever came back with a vengeance and was nearly the HOLY HELL mark where you look at him and instantly can tell he is about to burn a hole through the floor he is so hot. Brian left for work and took the car, and we ran out of milk and baby ibuprofen, so it was a day from hell. His fever hit 103 and he refused to eat and drank only water, but even then you could tell that it was simply out of necessity and not any pleasure at all. He wailed during diaper changes, and he would throw himself on the floor rolling around tossing everything around. Screaming. Oh god the screaming.

It was seriously the worst day of my life.

Probably his too.

I took a short, 30 second video of him wailing and rolling around on the floor and sent it to my mom, saying WTF is this and how do I stop it?? We were clueless. He has NEVER acted like that.

I could not get him to quiet down. At one point I had to put in headphones and blare music in my ears whilst I bear-hugged him so he wouldn't throw himself out of my arms and rock him and go SHH SHH SHHH and that took 20 minutes for him to finally relax. He never fell asleep though. Did I mention I was out of my anti-depressants too so I was running low on happy juice?

Finally I got tired of it and he was so stressed out and needing a rest that I gave him 1 mL of NyQuil (the same dosage of ibuprofen that he normally gets) and just prayed that it would have an effect to make him sleep but not hurt him. I held him for another hour in a bear-hug and we watched SpongeBob. Finally he quieted down and fell asleep. Probably out of sheer exhaustion, his body just shut down.

I decided he probably needed to go to the doctor because he wasn't getting any better. I doubted the flu, and I was pretty sure that it wasn't teething at this point. I thought, maybe an ear infection? But there were no other symptoms so I had no clue what to do.

Brian and I decided we would call the dr in the morning and figure out should we bring him in or not. The dr kindly said that if he had no other symptoms it wouldn't do us any good to bring him in, as he wouldn't be able to figure it out either. It was most likely teething from what we had said was going on, and he was having a temper tantrum and not a seizure or a fit. If it happens again, call him back and then we will get in.

Brian finally pried Drake's mouth open and found that he was teething. Both his top canines are coming in and he is having a lot of pain with it, I guess.

So now I will have my well deserved martini, and instead of an olive, I think I will put a Xanax in it. Because that is the kind of week I had.

On a fantastic side note: I got a refill on my magic happy pills and I am all gung-ho today and managed to do a crap ton of cleaning, cooking, and even went to the store. YAY. I'm going to go pass out now.

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  1. Man... Maybe I'm GLAD we don't have a kiddoe yet? Then again, we're torn between an infant or a 3 year old currently... though we're just kinda hoping for siblings and call it a day.

    Don't forget to get some workin' out in when you can!


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