Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Recharge and Small... Medium... Rant.

Slept a lot this weekend. I guess Brian realised that without me getting sleep the house falls into a black hole of chaos and disorganization and mess and a thousand other adjectives to describe it.

I get overwhelmed easily, especially when it comes to cleaning, so while I slept, Brian cleaned the house for me. He got everything done but 2 loads of dishes. Wow!! I woke up to a completely different house. I loved it! What a great man I am married to. He did make me promise to "at least try" to stay on top of it this week. He didn't do it all to be a wonderful husband though- he wanted to have friends over Sunday, so he knew he had to accomplish something to "convince me" (whatever works, I guess)

In other news, I realized that I am a sack of worthless crap when it comes to being a housewife. I can't stand not working, so I picked up my full schedule again. Good thing too, it's been super busy lately and that just means more money for me!! After a really easy month in April, it feels great to be swamped and busy again.

I still haven't been to the gym since Wednesday night but that is okay, I have still been doing my squats and weight lifting at home. I am eager to hit the gym today though and get in my HIIT. That's high intensity interval training for those of you who don't know what that means. Basically, its short intervals of high intensity exercise (ie run like the zombies are chasing you) followed by medium intervals of recovery (ie, strolling through the library) and you repeat those for about half an hour to 45 minutes.

So I've been doing 30 seconds of zombie running followed by 60 seconds of oh my god I am going to die I need to walk to recover let's pretend I found the world's biggest library and wander around in it for ever-- OH GOD ZOMBIES!!! RUUUUUN

it's entertaining, at least.

In 15 minutes I manage to burn nearly 300 calories, so you can imagine my excitement when I can push it to twenty. I usually cap out around twenty or twenty five minutes, then do a cool down for 10 minutes (hey, it's rough, ok? I max out my heart rate EVERY TIME) then I hide in a corner until I stop hyperventilating.

Friends, I lost 2.2 lbs this week, bringing my total since I restarted WW up to 3.4 lbs, and I am down 23.4 lbs from my highest weight! I have lost a toddler in weight, folks, and it feels GREEEEAT. (yes, said in the Tony the Tiger voice. You're welcome)

I have 1.5 lbs until I hit my 10% goal at WW! 5 lbs until I hit my personal mini-goal! So things are moving right along in the positive direction! I just need to keep doing what I am doing- tracking everything that passes my lips and working out like a beast. Ideally I would like to be under 200 pounds by Drake's 2nd birthday, but realistically I will settle for 215- that would be all of my baby weight GONE in two years, averaging out to about .5 lb a week. SAFE. That gives me 35 weeks to lose 20 lbs, so I think that is plenty of time. I may even surprise myself and hit my 200 mark.

We have had a rough couple of nights around here, Drake has NOT been sleeping more than an hour or two at a time, and it is driving both of us bat shit crazy. Mostly me though, because Brian had to work today so I got him every time he woke up. Which sucked, because I was working too.

**Caution, the following is a rant. Those who do not want to read it may go to this page here and look at fluffy kittens. Those who want to see what ticked me off should keep reading.***

Also, tiny little side rant. This woman who was checking out our groceries really pissed me off. She was talking to the woman in front of us, us, and the woman behind us, the entire time about her child with disabilities. This is not what upsets me, I understand caring for kids is hard enough, and 12395798567293874 more intense when they have disabilities or special needs.What upset me was the woman in front of us was DONE PAYING and the cashier would just NOT let her go. Then, when we get up there she comments on Drake, not unusual, he gets lots of attention. But the first thing she says is "WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS EYE?!?!" in this huge loud annoying voice so everyone looks around. So I say "Nothing is wrong with his eye." "THEN WHY DOES IT LOOK ALL FUNNY?!" Obviously she was not graced with a huge vocabulary....I'm getting ruffled and about to blow my lid. Drake has been crying the entire time we have been shopping, I hadn't eaten in awhile so I was hangry, and Brian takes over and explains that there is not anything medically wrong with his eye, but he does have a coloboma in it. Then he explains what that means blah blah blah.... and the bitch goes "Oh." and looks VISIBLY DISAPPOINTED that there is nothing wrong with his vision. Then she goes on to say "Shouldn't he be wearing glasses at all times then?" So I said "what part of there is nothing wrong with his eye don't you understand?" and I left. Hahahaha took all the groceries and Drake, and just left Brian to pay.

Yeah, that's right. If you complain about my son's eye after we have explained that there is nothing wrong with it, I will snap at you and get snarky. And you deserve it. Also I know that part of it is because Drake was being cranky and I was frazzled and hungry myself, so I had ZERO tolerance, but I don't play nice with people who keep insisting they know what is "the correct" way to "treat" his eye. Look, PAL, we have an EYE DOCTOR for that VERY REASON. And if the EYE PROFESSIONAL says there is nothing wrong with it, I do not want your cashier expertise on the matter. Unless I am writing you a check.

Rant over.

I have some exciting things coming up this week, like a baby shower for my best friend, a birthday party for Brian's friend, Mother's Day (!!) and next week is our 4th Anniversary!! So I can't wait to show you what I have been doing to prepare for all of that stuff.


  1. She was WAY overstepping her bounds. You had every right to what you said.

    WAY TO GO in the HITT training! I weighed in this morning 10lbs heavier than when I started training! Not too worried about it though. My measurments have changed a lot. I flex and there are muscles now, no gooeiness. That makes me happy, so I'm just rolling w/ it. I'm sure the weight will come down when My Sailor is gone. Aweful as that sounds, there is no crap in the house when he's gone. ;)


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