Friday, May 10, 2013

A Poem.

It's raining, it's pouring
My old man is snoring.
Fuck this shit, 
I'm not getting wet.
I'll go to the gym in the morning.

Despite my butchered attempts at children's poetry, I actually went to the gym today. And like my poem, it was raining pretty hard. I didn't notice of course, until I was already outside. Hmmm. No jacket or anything. So I just got in the car and went to the gym. Fuck it. It's only water. It's not like I was wearing make-up, had a cute outfit on, or even had clean hair. So it wasn't going to hurt me any.

I love going to the gym late at night (or is it obscenely early?) because no bothers are given. Not that anyone cares what you look like at the gym anyway, but it's extra nice when there are so few people you can count them on your hand, including the staff. 

Today I did the 30 minute express workout. I feel like I have to talk myself into going to the gym even though I actually enjoy myself once I get there. But I was feeling lazy and it's shark week, so negotiations had to be made. "Just go for 30 minutes," my skinny future self is saying. But my PMS self is like "No, you're stupid, and I just want to stay home and eat tacos." "Thirty minutes and you can leave." "Pffft fat chance." "You already took the fat chance, take the skinny chance." "Meh" "DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY." "Jesus, ok, Yoda, I'll go for 30 minutes. But I don't want to be on the elliptical the whole time." "Do the 30 minute express room." "Hmmm" "You can tan after." "...Okay, deal.

I get there and it's pretty much deserted. There are maybe 4 people there, 2 women and 2 men. The women are fat and they are on the cardio machines. The men are short and they are lifting weights in the corner. Stereotypes, man, stereotypes. So I go in the back room where they have the express circuit and it's all to myself. I go around and set up all the machines and then just have at it. Lifting, doing cardio in between, rinse and repeat. And after the 30 minutes were up, I considered tanning. I was far too sweaty for that nonsense. I didn't want to get undressed then get dressed again in sweaty clothes. I don't take any spare clothes with me to the gym. I just like to go, workout, leave. I wasn't ready to go home yet though, so I hopped on the treadmill and did another 20 minutes of walking at a 3.0 pace on a 7.0 incline. It felt great. It was strenuous enough to keep my heart rate around 145 but it wasn't too taxing on my ankle, so I kept at it. It was nice to change up the cardio game as well. 

My squat challenge... has been SOOO neglected. I can't decide if I should just play catch up with the squats, or if I should not worry about the days I've missed and just start on today's, or what. I think I will play catch up and just get them out of the way. It won't be such a pain once I get it done and get back on schedule. 

I need to quit being on the computer. I have to get back to my crocheting. I am doing something really awesome with it and it needs to be done TOMORROW so I can't really dilly-dally. 

Lata, homies!

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  1. I would start on today for your squat challenge and just keep moving forward with it. I do the same thing when I miss a day of the planking challenge I'm doing and it seems to keep me on track and make it feel attainable. Maybe extend the challenge if you want to pick up where you left off?
    GOOD FOR YOU SKINNY SELF! :) You made a great decision to just keep going. :) I know I just want to lay around and sleep during shark week, but getting moving really does help. And way to reward yourself afterwards with something awesome and non-food related! :)
    Lots of wins in this post, and I lOVE It.


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