Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Not a Sham(poo).

I like to browse Pinterest for hours on end every single day. Because I am cool like that, and honestly, I want to stab myself in the eyes if I have to watch Dora the Explorer, so Pinterest is a good outlet. Me and my phone? Inseparable.

I stumbled across this strange pin called the "no-poo" method. What in the world is that? I thought as I clicked the pin. Basically, instead of using shampoo, you use a diluted mixture of baking soda to wash your hair. Then, if you're feeling very ambitious, you can use a dilution of vinegar for a conditioner.

I've pretty much destroyed my hair over the years. I love to bleach it, dye it, and fry it with curling irons and straighteners. I like to change my hair color frequently. I like to dump absurd amounts of products into it. Then I wonder why it is that I have such thin, damaged hair. Surprise!

Recently I had bought some shampoo & conditioner that got rave reviews for repairing and growing hair. And it was working great. Then I decided, eh, I'll try this no shampoo thing. See how it works.

I mixed up 2 Tbl of baking soda with 2 cups of water and put it in a spray bottle and soaked my scalp and roots of my hair. I left it in for a few minutes. After a while, your scalp really starts to feel slippery, which is an odd sensation. Then I rinsed it out REALLY well. Like, a few times.

The first time I just did the baking soda wash. Then I finished with my Mane n Tail conditioner. My hair was so soft and had so much volume!

My hair got really greasy after 2 days, which is not surprising. Lots of natural hair oil will make your hair oily. Go figure. Last night I washed it again with the baking soda mix, and I decided to try the vinegar rinse.


I look like Einstein.

so enthusiastic

Is there someone behind me? Can't tell, hair too big.

...Or maybe the love child of Einstein and a lion.

This is all natural baby. Don't you think I look so sexy in my old lady nightie and my makeup and my crazy cat lady hair.

Will I continue this no (sham)poo silliness? Well ....mmm.... no. Not every time that I wash my hair. I will probably do it once a week or once every other week, because my hair does feel nicer, but it is just insane and I have a hard time getting it to cooperate and look "pretty". It just looks like "I secretly want to lock you in my dungeon and sacrifice you to my dark gods". The dark gods being the ones of great hair.

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