Saturday, August 17, 2013

Settling In

Everyone is all settled in. It's nice how quickly it all came together.

I've started a new project or two. I've written out some crochet patterns so I will see how they work up. I've got a few ideas for my etsy store and starting to promote it, so this weekend is being spent working up some items to sell. So far, so good. I got a great deal on yarn at JoAnn's and I used a coupon for even bigger savings. Yay me!!


I finally broke down and went shopping. When we moved, I ditched all the clothes that I didn't like or that didn't fit and that left me with a very limited selection of clothes. Not a big deal, but still. I felt like my options were very limited. I had plenty of pajamas though! Nothing I can wear out of the house without ending up on People of Walmart, but you know. I guess I could in an emergency. I bought a new strapless top and a pair of leggings. Things I can pair with other things, you know?

I have been feeling rather sadly about my weight and how fat I am. This move has been stressful in the sense that I have been consuming everything in sight to cope with the stress. Then, on top of that, I am on shark week (hoo ha ha) now, so that makes it even worse.

My only saving grace this past two weeks is anything I cook has at least one veggie in it, if not two or more. We eat a lot of chicken and rice mixed with green peppers, broccoli, and corn. Sometimes I toss some diced tomato in, or shred up some carrots. So that's something, at least!


I attempted my hand at sewing! I had to convert a regular bra into a strapless bra (for my new top!) and I think I did alright. Looks ugly, but gets the job done. That's all that matters, yeah?

So everyone is doing alright, just thought I'd pop in and say hello. I'm going to try and get some projects done this weekend so I can unveil my new line of things to work on! Yay!


  1. I hope you get out of this funk. Stress and anxiety gets to me too where I start being negative about absolutely everything.

    Take it day by day and try to stay optimistic. Good luck tackling your to-do.

  2. Congrats on your move! Hopefully your new place & new creations will help you move past your funk.

  3. DIY strapless bra? Sounds awesome! It's so hard to find a good one costing under $5000 that actually works when you are large chested.

    1. Yep, it's really easy too. I took a good fitting but cheap wireless bra (playtex brand) and cut off the straps. Then I pinned the inside edge of the cups together and sewed them, so they held my boobies in better. Then I took a piece of elastic and sewed it across the top to give it some extra support. And it looks UGLY but it works for holding up my girls. I had no slippage/quadboob and I've been wearing it every day since I made it.


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