Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm back, baby!

Internet was down for 5 days and had an awful time with the customer service people but enough about that, I have internet again! who knew it would be such a staple when you are home all day with nothing else to do?!

First thing's first, I filed my tax return hoo-rah! yay extra money give it to me plskthnx.

We have out of town friends coming today at 3 (Fiance has a meeting with them, they are trying to start up a video game) and we need to clean big time lol so Fiance is doing that whilst I catch up on internet. I mean, he caught up on his only fair I get a turn right?

Saw mi familia last night, I love them. Mom and dad gave us pizza and socks (lmfao) and gamma gave us roll of quarters (woot! lmfao again) and uncle and his gf gave me a dress so lmfao again. It was a good haul!

Other than that life has been good. We're both home now, but we aren't doing too bad. I guess we still like each other lots lmao!

Thanks to all for previous comments sorry I didn't reply sooner I had no interwebs? lol but you know how that goes

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