Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog Award: Beautiful Blogger

Thanks to Lynda with a Y for my blog award, check her out at Taking Less Space

I would also like to say hello to all of my new followers lately, I wish I could come visit your blogs but sometimes I can't find you. Hello!

Anyway, blog award.

The rules are: Post 7 things about yourself that you dont know about
Then TAG 7 people

1. I am extremely picky about movies. Like, hard core. If I dont like the movie from the look of it, immediately, I will sit through it and pout.

2. The one person who can always get me out of my pity parties without sucking up to me, is my mother. She just wiggles her fingers in my face and goes "BA-LU-LU-LU-LU" you know, making a trilling sound. My husband does a good job of cheering me up but he usually you know kisses and hugs me and tells me I'm wonderful. My mom just makes funny noises and throws paper balls at me. It works! Dont ask. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

3. I have a huge crush on Mike Rowe. I think he has some of the prettiest blue eyes and of course he is cocky and funny as heck, as he is covered in sh!t, he takes life like its supposed to be, a party. Also I heard he is hung!

4. I am a gamer, but I really like watching more than I like playing. There are a few games I will play, but my heart resides with old school Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country. I also love Left 4 Dead, and I am not a big zombie fan. Go figure.

5. The scariest movie in the world is IT. I hate that stupid clown. Tim Curry is also my favorite audiobook narrator, so go figure on that one.

6. I am terrified of going blind. LOL Odd, since I am so close to being blind anyway. At least my vision is correctable.

7. I once finger painted a giant turkey. This needs some explaining. I was in high school and in art class. We were going over Pointillism and the various artists who had done them, our teacher wanted us to pick out a picture of something and then do a pointillism on it. Everyone else picked architecture and flowers, I wanted something different. I stumbled across a picture of a turkey head, in a hunting magazine and laughed my ass off. For days. And days. I also used my fingers to paint it instead of a brush, which was also cool. But alas, my art teacher hated it. My mommy loved it though. I'd like to do another one some day. Maybe of another goofy looking bird. Peacock?

Anyway, 7 fun filled facts of your favorite neighborhood Christie.

I'd tag people, but you should just do it. I dont play favorites. Unless its Mike Rowe.


  1. LMAO at #3 . . . Mike Rowe is totally my secret crush!)

  2. Ah yes...Mr. Rowe...when we had cable, we were fairly faithful followers of his stuff. I'd say to my wife "your boyfriend is on TV."


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