Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dont count your chickens

Before they hatch
Before they hatch
Dont count your chickens before they hatch....

Hubby is off at an interview as we speak and I am super super SUPER excited!!I mean like REALLY excited! (I'm excited, can you tell?!)

Its one of those once in a life time opportunities, HELLO you need to pay attention to mr opportunity and he's a knockin'! sort of things.

I want him to get it so badly. I am rooting for you!! LETS GO HUBBY LETS GO!!

Its a dinner interview, is that common? I've only been on one, and it was after I had already been hired, so it was like an initiation/orientation dinner.

I've also had an etiquette dinner. Have you guys ever had one of those? Is it weird etiquette intrigues me (prolly because I will never be posh and reserved, as well as tidy. I have politeness, but no airs. LOL)

The restaurant they are at is a good one, and from what I remember, decently priced. It had good food. Great chicken parmesean.

What am I having for dinner? A big bowl of worry soup lol I will probably go fetch something for myself but I am so nervous I doubt it.

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