Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its another hot hot day

I woke up this morning a bit stiff, particularly in my hip flexors. I am not sure what happened there, but for a while, it was extremely painful. Two Excedrin and 8 hours of sleep later, Im much more myself today and feel very energized. Partly because I realized that my bum and thighs are looking fantastic as of late, and partly because the sun is shining!! Woo hoo!!

Hubby is working all day, and only gets a two hour break so I am going to meet him for lunch, meaning he will eat and I will be drinking some water, as I've already had my lunch.

I also have a few errands to run and one thing that I am so grateful for is the AC in my car, last month our electric bill SKY ROCKETED (it's 4x bigger) so we are keeping AC to a minimum in the house. Lots of fans, thats all I am saying!

Hubby has a big day tomorrow and I have done nothing but worry and pray over it. I have shaken my money tree more times than I can count and I am hoping praying that this comes to fruition.

I am also addicted to playing Words with Friends on the iPhone. Its a lot like Scrabble, but way cooler. I play with my mom and hubs, as well as one of my friends and lots of random people. This one person, who is a random opponent, is kicking my arse so bad. I mean, he is getting like 35 points off of 2 letter words because he is making them next to other words and adding on to them. Its frustrating. I have 150 pts, he has over 300. LOL

Anyone else have an iPhone/touch/pad who wants to play with me? Send me a message and I'll give ya my username.

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