Sunday, May 30, 2010

Juicy Juice

I'm a Juicy Juice kid. I grew up on that stuff. More importantly, I drank the apple juice only! (Ok there was a little mixed berry in there... Shh)

I just found out like 4 days ago that one 8 oz glass of Juicy Juice is equal to one cup of fruit! I bought two 48 oz containers. Hubby drank one and I am drinking the other one, right now, as we speak. Straight out of the container. No middle man. No glass. I guzzle this stuff. Mmm mmm good.

Thats over 6 cups of fruit! Woot! Now if I could just manage to get my veggies in too...

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  1. Juicy Juice is much better than soda, or highfructosecorn syrup, or concentrate. It is a great hydrator and way to get vitamins.

    Having fiber (okay okay, poop) issues in my house though, we eat our fruits whole or in a smoothie. Plus as a sugar addict I tend to drink too many calories. I have to be vewy vewy careful with that. I usually only drink water. I try to drink milk and take a supplement for calcium but I'm not doing great at that. Vegetables...


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