Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nightmares and Rubber Gloves

Last night I had lots of nightmares. Actually the same one over and over again.

I was calling hubby but he wasnt answering. I was sick with worry, panicking, and just feeling incredibly lonely. Then when I woke up, he was gone. At work, but that didnt stop me from having a mini-heart attack haha (I even woke up and asked him if he was leaving for work, but fell back asleep and hadnt remembered it when I woke up)

I texted him and told him about my nightmares and we think its probably stress or anxiety on something. Lord knows what. Probably all this working out hahaha I need to see some results!

I was going to take a happy pill but instead I whipped out a pair of rubber gloves and got my cleaning supplies, turned on my ipod and cranked the tunes. I danced as I scrubbed the toilet and the tub, the bathroom sink. I sang as I swept.

After it was done, I was sweaty but happy. I felt like I had cleared away some of my emotional soap scum as well as the stuff on the shower walls.

Who knew a little elbow grease would cure what ails ya?

I am feeling much better now, and hubby is coming home in about 20 minutes. We have a lot more cleaning to do, but I think it will be easier with the two of us.

This construction is driving me nuts, its all BEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEEEEP and the apartment shaking and today we lost power for a few moments. Yah. POWER.

What are they doing? Heck if I know, internet. But its here to stay until November.

Maybe thats what I am stressed on. Or it could be that hubby is looking for a new job, we want to move to Mayberry, but that requires a lot of money that we dont have right now. If we did though, that would be nice.

I made a center pull yarn ball last night. I made two, actually, but one FAILED. I wound it too tightly and it wouldnt pull easily. In fact, it kind of feels like that for me. I am too wound up for my own good and I cant pull free. I made another, paying careful attention to keep the winding loose (sad that it took more concentration to do that) and it works perfectly.

I have been under calories all week I am very proud of myself. I am going to continue to do this, as in 9 days its my anniversary. Woohoo! I hope that we get to celebrate on the actual day, but if not, then we can celebrate another day.

Tomorrow is Curves. I wanted to go today but my poor mom has been so tired lately, I decided we would go tomorrow as originally planned.


  1. I'm sure you actually burned some good calories during your both practical and therapeutic cleaning session. Hug hubby when he comes home!

  2. I LOVE doing therapeutic cleaning. Everyone knows when they see things very neat that something is either bothering me or was bothering me. Pluuuusss as Kyle mentioned... it burns calories!

    The results are coming :) Sometimes it takes frustratingly long for them to catch up... I just realized this. Sad really because I was getting frustrated for no reason!

    Hope you get some good rest tonight for curves tomorrow!


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