Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strong! And Beautiful!

The other day, I posted a tweet on Twitter that made me sad after reading it later.

"spent hours getting ready today. felt really pretty. maybe one day ill even feel beautiful"

How sad is that?! I wasnt feeling sad when I typed it though. I was feeling good, pretty.

My husband is always telling me I am beautiful, sexy, hot. I never feel any of those though. I always feel like I am just "cute" because I am fat.

In fact, the word cute bothers me so much, I banned it from hubby's vocabulary, telling him it was a "fat word"

But today, today I felt beautiful. After riding my bike for an hour, I felt like I was something--someone-- special.

Maybe I wasnt feeling sexy or beautiful or awesome because I wasnt giving it my all. I wasnt pushing myself. I wasnt trying to change. I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

That is such a horrible feeling.

But after working out for an hour, sweat dripping off me, gasping for breath, I felt gorgeous. I felt like a winner. I still feel like it. Its amazing how your perspective can all change.

Will I always feel this good after working out? Can I be one of those work out junkies, always chasing after that natural high?

Probably not. But I can do it. I already proved it. Now I set the bar a little higher. I can do it again. I will do it again. I want to do it again. I like the feeling. I'd say its addictive.

I feel like I am bragging so much, my head is going to get swollen lol.

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  1. Yay...what a great feeling! I'm so happy for aren't are just happy...shout it from the rooftops girl.


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