Friday, June 25, 2010


Yes I rode my bike. For exactly one mile.

I also got dressed and did my hair and make up too.

I then went to the bank by myself (which I never do)
I also went to the grocery store, picked up my prescription, and did some shopping, ALONE, again something I rarely do.

**Edit: I totally forgot to mention this, and it was the entire point of this blog**

While I was at Wal-Mart and walking around, I was looking for those $3 tank tops that Vegan Ana had found, and couldnt find any. But I did find a mirror. A mirror. And I usually ignore mirrors. They are evil and show just how fatty mc fattersons i really am.

But I got caught. Stared at myself. And I noticed that I was not the same me that I used to be. Sure this me is only 10.5 lbs lighter. This me has also lost 20 inches off her body. And this me is showing it. I wasnt really aware of how *different* I actually look. Hubby says I look great everyday, and always with a note of surprise and pride, but I never believed him. Its what hubbies do.

But mirrors. Oh god mirrors are awful. Either they lie to you and say you look fantastic in that tube top or they tell the truth, and nothing but the whole embarrassing-wtf-is-that-thing-staring-back-at-me-oh-my-god-its-my-gut truth.

I noticed that I am much more toned. Slimmer, perhaps. I am now a size 16/18 instead of an 18/20 and I am enjoying my new endurance. I know for a fact that my eating is way out of control and I am going to rein that in. This week I am placating an extra demon, you know the one that visits once a month? Its helping me not to scream and shout horrible things. So we will try next week.

I am fighting the urge to take a nap. I have a lot left to do today and I am struggling to stay awake.

Hubby decided he wanted chicken parmesan for dinner tonight so I got the fixin's I needed for that. His favourite dessert is Boston Creme Pie and last year, I had made cupcakes (that kind of flopped) but I asked him if he wanted a cake this year and he asked for the cupcakes!

YAY I am so happy! I love it when he likes my meals lol

Ok I only have 25 minutes left before I have to get some work done, so I am going to start my cuppin'cakes.

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