Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aquacise (Week 4)


Firstly, our regular instructor wasnt there. Secondly while the sub worked us out extra hard today, I still was not pleased.

Our regular lady is a thin, toned woman.

Our sub was a beachball with skinny legs. Im not exaggerating.

She would say encouraging things like "If I'm going to be fat, I'll be the fittest fat person I can be"

And I was in a bit of a sour mood. Couldn't WAIT for it to get over.

But I did honestly try my hardest. I also am very sore. I am proud of myself for going when my regular instructor was gone, and I am proud that I stayed (I dont know why I'm proud of that I dont ever normally leave a situation I am not loving, for instance horrible horrible movies, but thats not to say I didnt *think* about leaving. A lot, like the whole hour)

I came home, ate lunch (my first meal of the day, actually) and went to bed. I had a chicken, muenster, and mayo wrap on my garden veggie tortilla (285 calories). Yeah, they arent going to last long.

Four more weeks of aquacise. Going to Curves tomorrow. Look, I will make it one of my

1. Go to Curves
2. Journal
3. Take my multivitamin.

Daily rewards:

1. Buy some nail polish and toe separators and give myself a little polish.
2. Buy a notebook so I can start writing down my feelings, my cravings, and my thoughts. I believe this will help. Also it will be full of doodles.
3. Allow myself to get something at the comic meeting and not feel guilty about it. I will eat right all day long.

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