Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I have a food problem. I'll readily admit this to anyone. I love to eat. I love to eat a lot. And I love my carbs. I dont like my fruits, but I am learning to love my veggies. I love spinach, green peppers, onions. I like tomatoes, diced small enough. I like carrots, peas, etc. I am getting to the point where veggies sound good.

Fruits... Not so much. I still have problems getting in all my servings a day, let alone per week.

I eat lots of protein. And carbs. Did I mention carbs?

Unfortunately, this isn't good. I need to rein in my portions and *what* I eat. I am thinking of buying things to make smoothies/fruit popsicles. I had a smoothie on Father's Day. A friend's mom made them for us and they were delicious. I'll have to ask her what she put in them, I know there were blueberries in there.

I also need more protein and fiber in my diet. I need to feel fuller, longer. I need to do that whole 5 small meals a day crap that actually works.

I need to cut back my 100000000g's of carbs a day.

So all of this has prompted me to think about going to the grocery store today. Firstly, my pantry and fridge are ill equipped to handle this challenge. Not a single fruit or veggie in my drawers, not any lean meats (save frozen chicken). No whole grain pastas or breads. No low carb tortillas.

Lots of spaghettios though. And those have a whole serving of veggies! wooooot

I thought of a sample menu for tomorrow and I love the idea of it.

Breakfast: 1/4 c. Egg Beaters, spinach, turkey bacon, cheese. Omelette. MM

Snack: Fruit smoothie, made with frozen berries and plain yogurt. Blended to a delicious pulp in my magic bullet.

Lunch: Low-carb chicken wrap. Filled with chicken strips, spinach, green bell pepper strips and honey mustard with cheese.

Snack: Chocolate crunch rice cakes (2)

Dinner: Homemade sweet and sour chicken, with carrots, onions, green pepper, egg beaters, whole grain rice.

Sounds pretty darn good to me! I am hoping to hit the store sometime tonight after hubby gets home. Now I need to plan out other meals.

I am also going to start taking my multi vitamins again and getting back on track exercisey wisey. I have been exercising a lot, but also eating a lot. I am sabotaging myself. I need to STOP and THINK before I ACT and EAT.

Who has two thumbs and can pull this off?



  1. Sounds like a sometimes takes awhile to develop a taste for foods different from our youth and college...

    With your'll get there!

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan in place. One thing I did to help me get my carbs under control was to allow myself carbs at either lunch or dinner, but not both. It made me think really differently about how I ate.
    Oh, and try putting half a banana in your smoothies - it will really thicken it up and help you get your fruit in. I also put a good handful or two of spinach into my smoothies (promise you won't even taste it!).
    Ok...I'm starting to sound all preachy now...sorry! These things really helped me though. Feel free to tell me to shut it. Ha!


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