Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fish out of Water

I went to the Fresh Market store today on a search for pine nuts. I have been wanting to make some pesto lately. I saw them at my regular grocery store but didn't buy them, and decided, hey pesto would be awesome. I went back, and they were gone. Seriously.

So I had been back every day for a week looking for them. I scoured the other stores I go to too, and no luck.

I had a bit of a break today from work and decided, hey, if the Fresh Market store doesnt have them, then I am SOL. I went and looked around. I've never gone in before because it is, as I like to refer to it, a hippie store.

All natural, raw, organic, blah. 100% grass fed meats, blah. Come on.... Seriously? But since I am trying to change my lifestyle a little, I decided to keep an open mind. Its not a hippie store. Its a store. A good store. Just go.

I walk in and its DARK! Why is it dark? Probably because they dont want you to see what all the healthy food looks like, crap. Or maybe its dark because they can't afford to pay their electricity bill since no one buys this stuff. Stop being negative, I say. Look around, its packed. Packed full of yuppies! STOP IT. Find the darn things.

I start looking around, and find the nuts. I go through the bins and bins of nuts and not one of them were pine nuts. I give up, sigh, and decided to poke around and see what all this healthy stuff is about. I wander up and down the aisles, looking at things. Wrinkled nose. Intrigued. Boring. Eww who would eat that? What is that anyway? I finally come to the spice aisle. I think all the spices are fresh, ground or chopped because they were all in little ziplock baggies. At the bottom, on the shelf were... Pine nuts! Huzzah! I pick up a package and start to head to the checkout counter.

Are they really pine nuts? I check the label to make sure. Yes pine nuts. Great. I see the price. Not so great.

$21 a pound. The package I was holding was $13. I went back and found a smaller one. $5 for .25 pound. Outrageous.

I only needed them for pesto, so I start looking for pesto. Its a healthy, fresh food sort of place, they should have PESTO, right? I couldn't find it anywhere. They had everything BUT pesto. In the cases they had fresh meats, a butcher, and then like a little deli area that had everything from meatloaf to fresh made soups, to pizza and individual serve lasagna! YES both vegetarian and meat varieties. I was intrigued.

But I left without buying anything. I felt so out of place. Like they were all going to start pointing and laughing. Look theres that fat girl who didn't know pine nuts were magic nuts and cost that much! Look theres that poor fat girl who's looking for the doritos. Can I help you find something miss? Cow milk? We dont sell that nasty stuff here miss, here's some soy milk. HAHA look at her cry that its made of soy beans.

It was traumatizing.


  1. don't worry about it. get some fresh basil, and use walnuts instead. olive oil and parm or romano cheese and you got yourself some quickie pesto. (I made some tonight.)

  2. I feel the exact same sometimes.. but then I remember that I have to keep stepping outside my comfort zone and try new places and things... afterall.. Look at where "staying comfortable" has gotten me :(

    Good job at stepping outside of yours despite a little trauma :)


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