Saturday, August 28, 2010


Instead is such a great word. Let's use it in a sentence shall we?

i'd really like to have Ben and Jerry's cream cheese brownie ice cream right now, instead I'll have a frozen yogurt.

I'm so hungry for pizza but I will have a turkey and cheese sandwich instead.

I wanted to make frosted brownies, so I bought a brownie mix and frosting, but just ended up eating the frosting instead. Wait... that one didn't come out so good lol

Let me try another one... I wanted to run today but I slept instead.

I think you all get the point any way :)

PS Best ice cream ever.


  1. I could make a ton of excuses for checking out of the blog world, INSTEAD, I'll just say hello again and hope that all is going well for you...sounds like it is!

  2. instead of going to swim with my daughter like i promised i went to a movie, hehe maybe this week


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