Friday, August 13, 2010

Slept All Day

I went to bed at 3am last night and fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up at 8 when my mom sent me a message and I had to fire off an email, which I did from my phone, then went back to sleep. 12:30 pm rolls around and I have to make hubby's lunch for work, he leaves at 12:40.

Sandwich made, carrots and ranch packed, chips stowed away, and I give him a kiss and a hug, and he leaves. I sigh. Another long day alone. I don't know why I get so lonely when he leaves, he used to work these same hours at his other job. I love his new job, its easier, he makes more money and we have great benefits. its in a fantastic location, only a few moments away from our apartment. he can even text me all day, its pretty laid back there. hell, i'd love to work there.

Anyway, this week is always hard on me. You know, special lady time. It's very depressing. It's just hard to imagine that I will be able to accomplish anything productive. Everything annoys me or just makes me sadder. It's like it's always night and I don't see dawn coming.

So I slept all day. All day. I went back to bed after he left and got up at 5 pm. Then I got up and played a game for an hour. Then I did a load of dishes. I worked a little, but my heart wasn't in it. I couldn't wait to go back to bed.

I've had a headache all day (no caffeine lately, so I'm pretty sure it's withdrawal) even taking Excedrin (with caffeine) didn't help. It was a full blown migraine for a while. I put an ice pack on my head and lay down.

Stupid lady time. I feel like a bloated squirrel left in a swimming pool all winter long... wait. That actually happened. Ok, I feel like a biscuit that soaked up too much gravy and now is a soggy mess. What was once delicious is now a hopeless dream.

Anyway, tomorrow is a better day. I am going to get off my rump and actually go running in the fitness center. I've been thinking about it so much but haven't had the motivation. I'll sleep in my running shoes if I have to tonight to make sure I have no excuse to go tomorrow. I'd go now, but it closes at 10pm and its 2:30 am so I missed the window by a smidgen.

I also picked up crocheting again today. I mentioned I was making my mother in law a wrap. We are on tentative terms now and it's important to at least play nice even if we won't get along, which is sad. I want everyone to love me. :( But I decided to practice the wrap to see if I can make it look nice. It's going well so far, I should have it finished by this weekend. Then I will be able to make the final version. I forgot how almost therapeutic it was. It's also nice to know that I am still quick with it. It's also an "intermediate" skill level which boosts my confidence.

I'll post some pics when I am done with it, I'm thinking of using it for decoration. I burnt my couch with a baking sheet (don't ask) and this can help cover that up.

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