Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 20- I did what now?

Day 20.

Family fun day in my little hometown with its annual parade and festival for car fanatics from around the world. There was a parade, there was a swap-meet with all sorts of things from furniture to car parts to funky visors with fake ugly hair attached, old baby buggies, vintage mirrors, gas pumps and vending machines, ice shavers. It was amazing! Hubby and I were kind enough to go with my dad. I say "kind enough" because he is known to dwell at a swap meet for HOURS and HOURS on end. With all sorts of fair food and drinks, port-a-potties and cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on display and up for auction, it's easy to lose track of time.

This particular venture lasted two hours. I was wearing my Shape-ups and walking on gravel roads is not any fun. Soon my hip began hurting a little. Then my bad ankle. Suddenly I had pain shooting down my entire leg. I only whispered to hubby that I was in a lot of pain. I grit my teeth and beared it though. This is once a year stuff! Also, I haven't even exercised in almost 3 weeks, what do you expect?

We sat down for a bit, probably 10 glorious minutes, before we headed back home. I had a pedometer and I walked 5000 steps (significantly more than usual) I logged it into my iPhone and I had burned about 500 calories walking for so long. No wonder I was sore!

I am feeling better today. My hip was still very sore, but it cracked and I felt it snap back into place and now I am able to walk weeee! my ankle hurts though, and today's exercise will be limited to grocery shopping as we are out of everything to eat! I feel like a fat disability woman though I know its only temporary. :(

Im well aware of how funny this all sounds. Imagine if I had to go to the doctor and explain my injuries. "Now tell me how you got injured, Mrs HTMLN." "Well doc, I was walking." "And?" No that's the end of the story. Walking. My fat arse was walking trying to get in shape and I hurt myself." Doctor blinks, mouth hits the ground. "Well take it easy for a few days..." "But that's how I got fat, I took it easy for a while and then gained and gained."


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