Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 22- What Happened Here?

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and then we went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant! I got a shredded beef burrito slathered in mole sauce and cheddar cheese and a ground beef enchilada, with refried beans and rice! Yum! I couldn't eat but half of it and took the other half home. I was so full! 5 hours later, I ate the other half. Again, I was really full.

I loved it and I don't regret my choice... Until this morning. I stepped on the scale and I was up 4.5 lbs. Yeah, I'm now back where I started! So from today until the 14th, I've got some goals to accomplish:

-I will drink at least 32 oz of water every day.
-I will take all of my fiber supplements
-I will count calories and stay under my budget
-I will work out every day.
-I will not eat out. I will cook/make all my meals.
-I will count my steps on my pedometer
-I will stay off the scale. It's messing with my head again.

This afternoon I got up and started slugging back water, took half of my fiber supplement and then made a salad. I woke up at noon, so it was time for lunch rather than breakfast!

2 oz of mixed greens (spinach, endive, and some baby lettuces/greens all mixed up) and 2 oz of diced ham cubes, 1/4 cup of shredded cheese, and 2 Tbl of light French dressing for a total of 285 calories.

Yesterday was a nice day but I have to get back on plan. I was doing soooo good. I would hate to have undone all my progress for the month because I enjoyed my enchiladas! :)


  1. High salt in the burrito? Maybe those last pounds will come off quickly - your plan looks great though!

  2. I found myself making these same promises this morning. Time to get back on track, for me. Stick with it - you probably gained weight just from the salt intake alone.

  3. salt water walking lots makes you retain water too at least me drink lots water


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