Friday, September 3, 2010

My Hero!

Well what do you know? Not only did I get this award but I *inspired* it! Ha! How's that for really flippin' awesome!? I'm tickled pink!

Paula over at Paula Wanna Cracker (love the name too) made up the "Did You Know You're My Hero" award and gave it to *me* :D

I never thought I would be a hero or inspire anyone to do anything other than eat a lot of cheese and pine over knee high boots!

Paula and I have become great blogger friends. We usually send an email or two back and forth every once and a while and one of our current conversations was about inspiration. She said she was impressed I could stay under 1400 calories a day and I told her it's nothing to sneeze at that she can run 3 miles every day! I can't do that. I am totally jealous. She knows it :) Oh and I am also jealous of all the great looking mexican food she makes every day. I've been trying to wrangle out some of her recipes (unsuccessfully, I might add!) for a while now. I will just have to drool over her yummy pics instead hehe. Paula, you are a wonderful mother, grandmother, cook, runner, blogger and story teller. Also a cheese lover like me, so that's probably why we get on so well.

Okay now the rules of the blog say to list people who have inspired you in some form or another and be specific about it.

Lyn at Escape from Obesity: Lyn is on Medifast and has lost almost 100 lbs from her heaviest weight. She's been through a lot of difficult situations in her life. She is a strong, strong woman. I hope to someday be half as strong as she is. Go sexy momma!

PlushBelle: She's a newcomer on the blogging scene, and I am so excited I stumbled across her blog. She is working towards a healthier weight as well but damned if she isn't going to look stylish now. She's inspired me to start looking for fashionable, cute plus size clothing while I work my numbers down. Might as well look and feel good instead of like a troll in a ball gown right?
Any other great stores to recommend?

Petra at The Constant Battle with My Inner Devil: She's from Germany! Huzzah! I was born there, you know. Represent! Haha... I don't know any German though. Lucky me her blog is in English and she is working on becoming a personal fitness trainer! Wow! Not only has she lost weight and gotten in shape, but now she wants to help others do too. Sign me up!

Kayla at Big Girl No More: While she doesn't post much (I hope she starts up again soon) she is a woman who is losing all of her excess body weight naturally. I am so proud of what she has accomplished! she started out at over 430 lbs and has worked hard and lost an amazing 140 lbs at last count!! Wow!! You can REALLY see a difference. The proof is in the pudding, folks! No matter where you are, you can do it! Thanks Kayla!

And of course, I already mentioned Paula! I tried to pick other blogs that weren't super popular so you can all get some new reading material!


  1. awwww I'm blushing. You know I'd love to share my recipes but I haven't a clue as to measurements. I just add a few of this and a bit of that... I'm learning to write them down.

    Can't wait to check out these new blogs.

  2. mmmmm. i love paula! congrats on the award, sweetie :)


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