Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 26....Why did I do that?

My days are quickly running out!

I logged all of my food yesterday- all of it- and I came in at 2620 calories. Which is, needless to say, way way over 1500. By 1120 in fact.

I didn't want to log the food. But whether or not I admitted that I logged it, I still ate it. And I promised to log my food no matter what.

I know why I overate as much as I did. :( I don't regret it, but it did make me think. No wonder I can't lose any weight. I do so well for a while, then I ruin it by eating a lot.

I was pms-ing hard core yesterday. I was on the verge of tears all day, I was so lonely, and if I wasn't sleeping (which was a lot) then I was eating (which was a lot)
I was definitely eating my emotions yesterday. I couldnt stop thinking of chocolates, and cookies, and cakes. I could bake a cake! Wouldn't that be yummy! What about cheesecake brownies... oooh. And ice cream, might as well have ice cream. If I'm having ice cream I might as well have pizza, like a party. A party all for meeeeee..... then reality kicked in. It's not a party if you are sitting there, alone, shoving food down your face while you are crying because you are lonely and just need a hug. who would hug me anyway, with my chocolate streaked face and my pizza stained t shirt?

Today I am much, much better, in control of my eating and not feeling so helpless, hopeless, and lonely. I am still sleeping a lot, I woke up at 4pm.

I also have my water intake up again.

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