Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goal Reached- The Boots with the Fur!

I have always loved knee-high boots. I used to be able to wear them too, until I got fat. I've always had meaty calves, especially after my surgeries (which happened when I was 13-18) I spent a lot of time favoring my bad ankle by putting all the weight and stress on my right leg, hence my left calf is all fat and no muscle and my right calf is all muscle and some fat (especially now heh)

One of my inspirations for getting thin was so I could dress up in short skirts and knee high boots. Think Cake's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" song (love it!) and the Nanny (also love it!)

Last year I thought I would try my luck finding a pair of boots that would fit my fat legs. If the tops would just stretch, I thought, then I could wear them. Well, I never found any that would zip up all the way needless to say, and I went home very disappointed. I did buy a pair of biker boots that came up mid calf and even those wouldn't zip up all the way. :(

I was not a very happy camper. I would curse boots and cry and feel hopeless, then I'd go to McDonald's and get 2 10-piece nuggets and sweet and sour sauce and feel sorry for myself.

Yesterday, though, was a magical day for me. Hubby got reimbursed for the money we spent at the doctor for my ear ache, and that money is "free money" not attached to bills or anything, so naturally I decided I wanted to go shopping. I wanted some new clothes because the seasons are changing and I don't have many I like anymore.

We go to the store and wander around I found a couple cute shirts that I loved- then I saw that they had boots out already! Yay boots! I thought, maybe if I just try some on to see how many more inches I have to lose on my calves, I can get them by winter. I'll work really really hard!

I found a pair of awesome boots but didn't think they would fit. I was looking at them longingly. So pretty. Do I dare? I put them back in the box but hubby said try them on. "What if they don't fit?" I asked. "They will." he said.

So I tried them on and lo and behold, they ACTUALLY fit. I got to zip them up and everything! They were comfy! They are wedged heels but not very tall so it doesn't even feel like a wedge. They have buckles and straps and they are faux-fur lined! Squeal! Everything I love in one awesome boot! The price tag was a little on the expensive side ($40) but I wasn't going to risk these boots being gone the next time I had some cash to spend.

Okay okay you've read enough, time to look at me! (I'm feeling modest today, I swear)

Arent they beautiful!

My gams are looking better, now that I think about it ;)


I can go all "Xena Warrior Princess" and roll it down with the fur sticking out

I am so glad hubby made me try them on.

A little goal of mine was reached today- to be able to wear boots this fall/winter :)

Also here's a little word cloud of what is on my blog. Kind of funny really, the big words are the one's used most often :)

Wordle: HTMLN


  1. I really liked your boots. BTW--I created a special award with you in mind. Stop by and pick it up when you have a chance.


  2. I LOVES these boots!

  3. Boot are the best! They make me feel so sassy and stylish, and yours are fantastic! You'll get so much use out of them.


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