Sunday, September 26, 2010

Small Steps

I have been doing really well on my tracking and eating wise lately, but not today :) Went to visit the family today and we got pizza. As you know pizza is one of my trigger foods. I love it. Honestly, who doesn't enjoy pizza? But I was proud of myself- instead of gorging on a whole pizza, I had two slices. And I was full. However, I was still left with cravings and 9 hours later I am sitting here, stuffed. I just had a cheeseburger and cheese fries. I went way over my calorie budget. Im not even sure by how much, I haven't finished logging my food consumed.

I realize that I will not be 100% on plan every day and I do think that every now and again you should indulge, after all, you only live once. I am proud that I did not go on my usual bender of pizza, soda, and Reeses cups but I do have to admit that I feel yucky. As satisfying as it all was, it doesn't feel good being this full.

I also know that I am not feeling 100% anyway, I am running on very little sleep from in between short naps I can get in between shifts. Oh I dream of the day I get a full 8 hours and no cats to ruin it :(

Another long day today, in which I will grab sparse moments of sleep before I am able to finally collapse out of exhaustion and snooze the night away, come hell or high water.

My eating will be on plan today and I will work on getting my water in. I love water when its cold- so cold it hurts your teeth lol and I suck down a lot of it.

I am disgruntled (can one even be gruntled?) that I am struggling with my weight loss losing the same 10 lbs gaining it back rinse and repeat because it feels like I am getting nowhere- essentially I am just maintaining. I'm really good at it. I wish I were better at losing though.

I dont understand. Weeks of being on plan, eating far less than I used to, adding in exercise and the scale doesn't budge? What am I doing wrong? Or am I just being impatient? Is one day of eating casually really killing my efforts?

I hid the scale again. I am going to work on a few things this week and here we go!

-Couch to 5k- On stella. Since I am a namby pamby and can't run worth a hoot, Stella will be my fwiend :)
Do this at least 3x this week. Kudos for more.

-Drink an extra 8 oz of water. I think I am not quite peeing enough as it is. I'd like to go every 7 minutes instead of every 15 if that's possible. lol (when I drink a few things of water, I find myself going to the bathroom 4x an hour instead of once every few hours. Is it weird I logged that?)

 -Weigh and measure on Tues. It will be 2 weeks from my 30 days and 2 weeks until my birthday. A good middle point.

-Saturday will be walking around the fair in the hometown and enjoying delicious, nutritionally devoid foods. It is a day off plan, and there for I will work extra hard in the week so I can enjoy myself guilt free. It is a mini-goal. While you shouldn't reward yourself with food, I know, its also a once-a-year fair I go to. So it is a special occasion and will be treated as such. I will wear my pedometer so you can see just how much extra I walk that day. I average a pathetic 500 a day now. It will be like 5000 on Saturday.

-Eat more apples. My honey crisps are officially in full swing of the season and I am going to enjoy lots. They went down in price too. huzzah! Carmel apples enjoyed on Saturday do not count :)

-Cancel my Curves membership. Its costing me money and I am not going. Screw it. you think they would just cancel it for me, since I havent been in months, but noooo they are happy just to keep taking your money lol. I realise this is the same no matter what gym you go to. :( I am just not a gym rat.

-In other news, we are going to be giving our cats up for adoption. I like them, but I am not going to continue to put up with sleepless nights, constant yowling, litter box-missing, carpet destroying creatures. Not when I am paying $50+ a month and we are going to start desperately needing the money. Declawing said little terrorists is not an option, as that also costs money and I still have to pay to replace the carpet.
 Pet rent is ridiculous- $30 extra a month. We could really use that. Combined with the monthly payment from Curves that gives us an extra $65 a month we could at least save if we didn't have to use it.

Thank you so much for your support on whether or not to open an Etsy account and either your honest interest or at least a feigned one in my crochet projects :) You guys are great! I have some experience selling online with eBay and (part of eBay) so I am not too worried. Its just a matter now of making things to sell :)

I'll see you all again on Tuesday, I need to take a break from blogging and have some fun in real life lol

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  1. Pizza and cheeseburgers? Those are big no-no foods for me.

    I am finally learning to like veggies, especially the frozen microwave-steamable veggies. They're really easy and fast to fix, and they are high-fiber, low-calorie, and lo-carb -- except for the rice and potato ones, which I need to avoid

    Best wishes to you.


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