Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weigh in Day!

It's Tuesday. I am fearing weigh in today. It's my monthly time and I have been devouring everything in sight, of course, right after I was all excited that I wasn't emotional eating. Ha. Then I just ate and ate and ate. Because I could. And I did.

In the course of the last three days I have consumed:

4 slices of meat lovers hand tossed from Pizza hut
A whole pot of chicken noodles (made with whole wheat pasta)
who knows how many ounces of soda. probably a gallon. (half diet/half regular)
8 chocolate chip cookies
40 pizza rolls
cheeseburgers (3)
regular order of cheese fries
sour cream and chives baked potato (with butter)

Note that this was not all in one sitting, but it was all I ate over three days. There is not one healthy item there. Except the whole wheat pasta. But that was drowned in cream of chicken soup.
And I did not log any food. Ha. Sad.

I would not be surprised if I gained everything back and then some. I would be very surprised if I did not gain much or anything.

I did not exercise. It's time to get this weigh in over with. As well as taking my measurements.

I have exercised a lot more in this past 2 weeks than I was previously. I biked outside for 3 hours total and did C25K twice on Stella and once running.
Its time to rein in my uncontrolled eating and make myself get back on plan. I really wonder on my motivation sometimes. I do so good for two weeks or so then I eat and eat and play video games.
I need to figure out something else, to get me back on track. What can I do instead? Slim fast? Weight Watchers? Clean my cupboards out and replace them with healthier alternatives and proceed to cut up my debit card and make hubby SWEAR on his life not to buy me anything else? Especially cheese fries?!

Anyway, you've been warned, here we gooooo:

Weight: 230 (!!) Gain 4 lbs
Bust: 43 +1"
Waist 39 +2"
Abs 43 +2"
Hips 50 +1"
R Thigh 26 -1"
R calf 17.5 same
L Thigh 28 +1"
L calf 17.5 same
R arm 13.5   -.5"
L arm 13.5 -1.5"

Well. It is as bad as I thought it would be. Totals: 4 lbs gained, 7" gained, and 3" lost.
I have no excuses.

Time to pick myself up and dust myself off. And try again. Today was much better, I actually ate correct portion sizes and measured my food again. I have been drinking lots of water as well. Saturday is the fair and I am going to be eating lots of calories again. I know I will, because I want to. And its a once a year thing, so I will enjoy it. However, I need to be good all this week so I can help minimize any more potential damage.
I want to have my elephant ear and eat it too.

I'm making the second bedroom we have into an exercise room. I plan on getting another TV and a dvd player, as well as some more hand weights sometime. I will be on the lookout for anything neat like that. Maybe start looking on Craigslist, see if I can get anything cheap haha :)

One of these days, I am going to get this weight loss thing figured out.

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  1. CL is great place for exercise equipment!! I wish I had a spare room to make my exercise room...maybe someday!
    Back on track this week - I'll bet you'll get most if not all of those "found" pounds "lost" again - you have the tools now use them!!


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