Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stockpiling (and Biggest Loser thoughts)

I love October. For a few reasons, but mainly because it's my birth month (Holla!) and also because I love fall. Not a big fan of Halloween anymore, but I still enjoy the spiced cider and what not.

I especially love *this* October because my husband rakes in an extra paycheck and that means that mine does not go to bills! Normally this would cause a celebration and I would spend the whole thing on going out to eat several times, buying video games, clothes, etc etc, and not saving a dime.

November though, starts up my husband's student loans again. Which puts a little more financial strain on us. I've decided to be a good girl and save my check. With one exception.

As I mentioned before (I'll have to find the link later) I went through our finances and one month, I noticed between grocery shopping and eating out we spent $500. Holy crap. I know that number, but since then I haven't really been doing any better to keep it down. I haven't even logged in to my financial software since then. Even though I get weekly updates.

So because I love to cook and I obviously love to shop, and I love food this equals bad on the extra money. I decided that I would purge my house of everything unhealthy and then go to the store, stock up on basics (like whole wheat pasta, chicken, canned goods etc) and frozen veggies, and just buy as much of it as I can. Everything else, I will buy as I need it. I plan on making my own chicken stock and freezing it for later use. I am going to make everything else that I can from scratch.

My store has a lot of great deals weekly and I am excited. I also want to try and incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet. I am just going to add them to meals I already like and then progress from there. I've been looking up new recipes for foods I like and trying to figure out what veggies I would be comfy with stuffing in there. I have decided to try more mushrooms. I like them thinly sliced or diced and I think that will be good. Of course there is my beloved spinach as well. Mmm. Maybe I will stock up on some V8 too and pour that in ice cube trays and freeze it, and use as needed.

Hopefully spending a chunk of change now to get myself stocked up will prevent me from running to the store every other day and spending $20+ for food. We will see.

Now, as for Biggest Loser- WOW arent Bob and Jillian even meaner this season? I guess "determined" is a better word. But it is BRUTAL! 4 hours a day working out. Holy shit. I can't even manage to make myself do 30 minutes!

Brutal. It's just brutal. Its a very interesting season. And yes, once again, I cried like a ninny. I don't think they should have kicked off who they did. But eh, thats life. One guy lost a whopping 41 lbs in 2 weeks! Granted he was 480 lbs.... but still!!

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  1. Getting creative (and healthy) in the kitchen is bound to help your weight loss. Keep piling on those veggies!


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