Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Corgi is the Dog For Me

So its official.

We're getting a Corgi. Probably in the spring.

I am obsessed with the idea now. I've spent hours looking at videos online.

And this one

And my all time favorite

I've emailed every breeder within 4 hours drive from my house.
I've checked out every book in the library about Corgis.
I follow corgi blogs.

I d'aww every time I see one.

Its official.

That dog is mine. I've even gone so far as to apply for a second job to save up for and pay for a Corgi.

That's right. I've applied to be a crossing guard for school children. 7.25 hours a week. It pays really well for such short hours and would bring home an extra couple hundred bucks a month to line my puppy-fund with.

If I get it and work through April, I'll have a pretty significant amount saved up for either a 10 week old puppy or maybe a retired dog looking for a forever home.
Dog classes, costumes, and lots of cuddles are in my future.

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