Monday, October 25, 2010


I've got a small fever! two degrees above my normal temperature... yay! im kidding. i've been sucking down water like well... a water sucker!

I also am soooo pining for sweets today. I want donuts. I want chocolate. The only thing stopping me is my bank account- I'm seriously broke. Oh well.

Then I saw on WW online the "Pizza cheat sheet" I wanted pizza so bad.

I settled for 5 crossaint rolls. Yeah I went over my points. I don't care. Only by 5. Still got 24 weekly left and 4 activity.

I'm also out of cheese. Dangit. Cheese, Gromit!
I can make it. Only 4 more days til pay day. Cheese on pay day.

Weigh in Wednesday. Do hope that I can pass that 10 lb mark. It would also be cool if I could hit 5% mark too. Also you want to know something REALLY cool... I will tell you a secret. My 5% mark is just one pound away from 20 lost from my highest, all time weight, a year and a half ago. While its not the most  relevant weight, its still a nice milestone. Hehehehehe I cant wait

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  1. i hope you do well on weigh in too will motivate you to stick to it fingers crossed


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