Saturday, October 23, 2010

Frugal Living- Its a good theory...

Well... lets just say frugality is fine to read up on and some things you can put to good practice. Like using less laundry detergent and supplementing with baking soda/vinegar (or for the truly hip, making your own) Then there are a bit that are well... em... a little out there. Like washing out plastic baggies and recycling aluminum foil and vacuum cleaner bags. This last book is a little dated, its a '96 publication, but still has a lot of good tips.

I mean, this woman saved $12,500 her first year being frugal. Of course, with inflation and what not that means she saved, what? 7 cents? Ha! Okay, all kidding aside, thats a lot of cash. She is referred to as the Frugal Zealot (with good reason) and her books are the Tightwad Gazette. Her name is Amy Dacyczyn (pronounced as 'decision') 

I saw a great quote..Kin Hubburd said:

"The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and stick it in your pocket"

While it is true, its also the hardest part for me.
That may need to be printed onto a sticky note and taped to my fridge, tv, forehead (backwards so I can read it) and etc

Maybe instead of asking for cash this holiday season, I should ask for a CD hahaha 

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