Friday, October 1, 2010

My first Activity Point!

I think I really found the program for me. For the last two days, getting out of bed was easy (probably bc I slept until 3pm hehe) and I felt so much happier. I've been smiling for almost 48 consecutive hours and my cheeks are sore. I've laughed much more. I look at my dirty kitchen and don't see despair anymore. I just clean it no problem.

I drank all my water yesterday, and then some. I did C25K on Stella, my stationary and I was thirsty! I did 5.67 miles, which is .18 further than last time in the same amount of time! Yay! I added in my activity to see how many points I earned and I was shocked at the value: 6! I earned 6 whole points! Yay! I thought that might be a little high so I did some more reading. I was doing high intensity because I could only talk in short phrases and couldn't sing at all (bummer, I had great tunes!) and it took a while to calm down. I almost felt like puking at one point I was pushing myself so hard. I wanted to be better, faster than last time. Yay! I also pushed through all my desires to quit midway! Double YAY!

I stepped on the scale today, because I was wondering if it was all mental I felt better or if I was actually changing. Two days on plan, and I am down almost 6 lbs! Im at 224.5! thats the littlest I've weighed in months! I guess it really was portion size. I put the scale away though, and I will weigh in on Wednesday. I have the fair tomorrow and I know I will indulge. I have to figure out how many points a fair steak gyro has and how many points are in an elephant ear.

In other exciting news.... Zumba is coming to my apartment's fitness center! On my birthday! Hurray! they are finally starting up fitness classes here and I get to go to Zumba twice a week, for $5 a session. Considering I found one at the Y for $25 a session, I think this is a great deal. I will be partaking. They hinted that they may even do discounted monthly rates! Hurray! Happy bday to me! I'm going to go and I can't wait. Maybe I won't be able to do it the whole time, but I might surprise myself!

I think I finally found the program for me. I no longer feel like I am drowning in a sea of despair. I'm not disgusted with myself anymore. I am not disappointed!

Yay!! Hope everyone's day is great! If it's half as great as mine is, you know you're having a fantastic day!


  1. Wow - it sounds like you are doing some incredible things right now! Way to shed the pounds!!
    You are so lucky to have zumba. I've been wanting to try it but just can't find it near me. :(

  2. Zumba kicks ass. It totally kick-started my journey. Now, don't get intimidated by the dance moves; it takes practice to move and roll your hips just right, but it's so fun you don't even notice. And you sweat like a whore in church :-)


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