Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleep Equals Good

Well I mentioned that I have been in a lot of pain since my all day fun at the fair on Saturday. Turns out the best thing for a sore/locked up ankle is sleep. I slept from 5 am to 4 pm today. I know I have such a crazy schedule. Almost 3rd shift... Anyway, I digress. I was so sore yesterday,  every thing from my hips down to my ankles hurt. I could barely shuffle around. It strongly reminded me of my post surgery days and I was determined to not be sidelined.

Its hard to explain this kind of pain unless you have it, or have had it. A broken leg is more akin to how I feel. Just pretend you're in a cast and you can't point your toes. If you cant point your toe then you can't put any pressure on the ball of your foot. Ok.... now walk like that. Oh and while you do that, pretend someone has lodged a knife in your ankle. There. That's my analogy.

Obviously its painful. It still hurts but nowhere near like it did. I have an ACE bandage on it now for a little structural support and I haven't been hobbling around much.

I dont feel sore anymore from my ass down, so sleep really helped with that. I can't wait until tomorrow. For a few reasons. Its my birthday! YAY and then there is also a Zumba class starting up tomorrow night so I will be celebrating by gettin' my groove on. Horribly.

I made a delicious WW recipe last night for dinner- cheesy chicken shells. I made it for one, as hubby had his leftovers from lunch to eat for dinner. It was sooo good but I forgot one critical ingrediant- can you guess? Spinach! I bought spinach especially for this recipe and forgot it! UGH lol

Hubby wants me to make it for him tonight and I am more than happy to oblige. He even kindly reminded me not to forget the spinach. I have some jarred pasta sauce leftover but I think I will split the required amount in half and substitute v8 for the other half. Hubby doesnt really like it straight, which is silly, as he likes veggies. I think it tastes the same.

Wednesday is my first weigh in! I am so nervous and excited. I got a new dvd in the mail via Netflix- Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout, I hope its good.

I bought more honey crisp apples- 4 of them and they weighed 3 lbs total, so each one is about .75 lbs or 12 oz. Huge, incredibly juicy apples. We can't even use our apple corer/slicer as the apples are too big! One slice (1/8th of an apple) is so big I can barely open my mouth wide enough to eat it. Sooo yummy. For reference 12 oz of apple is 3 pts.

I finally realize how out of control my portion sizes were. I had hubby go to Fazoili's to pick us up some pasta, I wanted fettucine alfredo but it was so points heavy that I opted for the kids meal, knowing that Fazoilis portions are out of control, I figured this would be enough. I was right. A kids meal is a normal adult portion. Maybe a little bigger. Hubby got chicken parmesan and it came with 2 breaded chicken breasts, smothered in cheese and sauce, and a half lb of spaghetti noodles. I am not joking. This thing is HUGE

And I have something to confess: I used to eat that whole. Alone. Yep. All in one sitting. So you know now how I gained so much weight so quickly. I was eating that like twice a week and sitting on my butt all day at work while I was going to college full time too.

I'm glad that I made the choice to join WW, I now know that I needed something like this all along


  1. Weight watchers is really great and so flexible they also make you well aware of what you are eating. You only needed information now you are on your way

  2. I'm so proud of you for joining WW! Stick with it, it's a great program. Don't believe any of that "results not typical" crap, I really believe that results CAN by typical if everyone stuck with it!
    :-) You are off to a great start.

    My first week on WW, I went to Fazolis, and I remember how happy I was knowing that I could eat 2 slices of pizza for 10 points, or something like that. Of course, this was pre-vegan me, but still remember that taste of that pizza! Yum.


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