Thursday, November 18, 2010

Damn You, Papa John!

Last night the conversation went like this

Him Im hungry
Me I'm hungry too
Him whats for dinner
Me no clue what do you want
Him I dont know
Me how about pizza?
Him homemade?
Me sure i'll have to wash some pots and stuff...
Him *long pause* how about.... ordering it?
Me *small pause*
Me ...ok
Me Cheese please for me

I ate the entire half of my pizza. Not in one sitting. In two. But still. That was 18.5 points. It was very good and I didn't miss the meat at all, which was surprising in and of itself. I logged my points and then I moved on.

We didn't get breadsticks (thank goodness) for some reason I cannot put down balls of dough. Especially if they have garlic or cheese anywhere near them. Which makes pizza kind of a dumb move.

We've been eating entirely too much pizza lately.

I couldn't find just "plain cheese" under the Papa John's section in the restaurant guide, so I think I will have to double check their website and see how many calories, fat, and fiber they have and see if my points were accurate or not.  I logged it under "Tuscan 6 cheese" which I got one time and made me violently ill. I am hoping to never repeat that experience

Woah! WTH wow... no way... okay... so I double checked the points... and it was way more than I thought it was... holy crap.... instead of being 18.5 points, like Weight Watchers said, it was actually 25.5 points. Had I known that prior, I wouldn't have eaten that at all. Oooh my god. Well there goes 15 of my weekly points right out the gate.

*Breathe* Okay don't worry. It's yesterday. Can't blame yesterday for today. Ignorance isn't an excuse, but it is dealt with. And yes, I did modify my points so it said I had 25.5 instead of 18.5.

I haven't had any coffee today. Which I think is good. I had a WW English muffin for breakfast (4 points) about to go mangle my honeycrisp apple for 2 points and chase it with a glass of water. I will also have to get ready and go to the bank. I have to pay them money so I can keep driving for another month. (Or more realistically, let my car sit there for 29/30 days) I also have to mail out a letter. Wee! Errands! And since I will be so close to the store, I figured I would pick up some English muffins, Canadian bacon, low fat cheese and egg whites so I can make my own english muffin breakfasts. For 4 points or less.

I'm still freaking out over that pizza. It was just cheese! Imagine if I ate meat on it like I secretly wanted! Holy shitaki mushrooms.

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  1. Curses!

    Foiled again. For me it was a blizzard. and a donut. Separately.

    I hate looking it up online and BLAST. Yep. Do that.

    Keep going girl.


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