Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heavy Lifting

Tonight we are setting up a home office in our spare bedroom. We had that room originally as an office but then my brother in law moved in with us, so we moved the desk to our bedroom. Well I got lonely out in the living room all by myself so we moved it out there. And now, since we don't have anything going on in the spare bedroom, we are moving it back.



Except not.

This desk is huge! Its solid wood and an L-shape meaning its really really REALLY heavy. It comes apart into two sections, thankfully, so I will be able to help move. Wee! I have to clean out the desk too because its stuffed full of art books, computer books, computer related odds and ends and a ton of Brian's drawings. All said and done it would probably be about 150 lbs of stuff crammed into this desk. I couldn't be happier today.

I hope that I can lift my load tonight. I will have to. Now where am I going to put that futon and those bikes??? The bikes can go in our bedroom and I guess the futon can go in the living room where the desk currently is. Unless Brian wants to re-arrange the living room for more Kinect-related playspace. In which case the futon will stay in the office.

I like rearranging furniture its nice not to get stuck in a rut.

Does heavy lifting count as exercise?? No? Ah well, Dance Central it is.

Tonights dinner is chicken stir fry with brown rice, carrots and onion with soy sauce and ginger. I may put a few scrambled eggs in there as well. So far I've had 2 oz of sharp cheddar cheese (6 points) and 1 cup of my 3 point chili. I think I have enough points.

I am definitely noticing the difference in points. When I started I got 30 points a day. Now I get 28. I am definitely missing that extra 14 points a week but slowly starting to get used to it. I need to get going again, I have to make a list of things I have to do this weekend and make sure it's all done. I can't forget my head. It's vital

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  1. I love moving the house around because well, it forces me to clean underneath stuff and purge and organize. It's a chore but what a reward. I hope you're still not "LONLEY" in the living room. I've been hearing great things abou the Kinect and shhhh, I'm thinking of getting it for mines and daniel's xmas gift.

    I was given a block of cheese from Paris. Oh my, it is absolutely deliciuos. Cheese, why do we love you so?? Anyways, I'm thinking about returning to WW. If not meetings than certainly on-line.

    Looks like you're doing great.

    hugs, paula


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